CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-03, produced April 24, 1999 
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM is exclusively on shortwave Radio for Peace International, and
 webcast on
*For latest details on COM scheduling see our website
*Attention overseas broadcasters: say you're transmitting to "North
 America," not just the "USA"
*Falkland Islands broadcasting scene from a recent visitor
*CBC TV unscathed after strike, but some programs in large hiatus
*Canadian Indian Reserve stations don't need federal licence
*WCC, Chatham MA coastal station now history; lots about it at:
*WFLA's basic weekday program schedule on 11 meters
*Experiments with ambulance transmitters overriding car radios
*Tower Power - the big business of radio communications towers
*Tip for Rational Living
*Mutual rides off into radio sunset
*TV networks put the squeeze on local affiliates
*The demise of local TV in Los Angeles
*How to fix PBS funding
*National Public Radio online venture puts local stations on defensive
*This summer's DX conventions of IRCA/Decalcomania, WTFDA and NRC  ###