CONTINENT OF MEDIA 98-09, for Dec-Jan, from Glenn Hauser

*A Radio Swan Retrospective, by Ron Rackley; reference to
*Belize Broadcasting Corporation being closed down for debts
*Lakota Nation has website including its FM station in occupied
 South Dakota we once featured:
*As It Happens on CBC and RCI celebrated two sesquidecades on
 the air with special Nov 17/18; reminiscences; theme is Moe
 Koffman's Curried Soul
*CBC denies reports it got $3 million influx
*CBC Northern Quebec SW service reception greatly improves
*Website with lots of info on Canadian broadcasting;
*New emergency AM station approved at Chalk River nuke plant
*Vance AFB TIS vanishes from Enid
*Amarillo, Texas has new TIS with IDs interrupting NWS relay
*Evansville, Indiana has highway station with made-up ID from
 phone number
*Lots of audio program archives at KCRW, Santa Monica; check
*WLRN, Miami dropping news-reading service from main channel
*KKHI San Francisco, classical AM and FM, converting to adult-
 standards, KJOI
*WQEW, New York, losing adult standards format in lease/sale 
 to all-kids Radio Disney 
*KRLA, Los Angeles, changes from oldies to "L.A. Talk", with
 Michael Jackson back to weekday mornings
*Rumors that R-390 receiver to resume production for Navy; see
 Newsroom at
*Some movie comments from gh: Meet Joe Black; Gadjo Dilo; Touch
 of Evil--restored
*Time's up so that's COM for December into January; available on
 RFPI throughout the weeks, and on - and
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