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*A modest proposal to reduce SW frequency congestion; contact
 Edward "Maximo" Lachman,
*GH's comments, not exactly reviews, on recent summer movies:
 The Avengers, Ever After, Return to Paradise, Mulan, There's
 Something About Mary, The Mask of Zorro, The Parent Trap
*Pee Wee's Playhouse is back, on the Family Channel!
*Shawnee, Oklahoma AM station bought by Potawatomi tribe. For more 
 OK news see
*Recording of final sign-off of KTLC, ch 43, OKC, then sold to UPN
*Continent of Media, September more-or-less edition
*July issue of Brazzil magazine has feature article on how Globo TV
 came to dominate, plus sidebar articles; look at list on website
*Guest Tip for Rational Living, Harlan Ellison on religion
*Spoof ham sites promoting no-SSB, no-RTTY, no-FM, no-SSTV, no-QRP
 at etc
*The best AM stereo car radio came with 1987 Toyota Celica
*Where to get the only AM stereo walkman, Sony SRF-42
*Recording of TIS station at Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba
*Talking Old Navy Store billboard in Chicago
*Book review - Radio Voices: American Broadcasting 1922-1952 by
 Michelle Himes, Univ. of Minnesota Press, 1997; hardback ISBN
*Website with background to Blown Away movie ship explosion - and
 its influence on Timothy McVeigh. See
*Closing theme and despedida; see our website ###