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New Page, Please Visit!

Mike's unit in Vietnam. The aim is to contact other Vets from the same unit, and start an Association. Do you know of anyone?


Dedicated to helping fellow Vets deal with the VA, and obtain the benefits you fought for and deserve.

This husband and wife team have set an excellent standard.


Mike 3/5 Home Page

(Nice Web page with lots of information.. Webmaster)


Welcome to the 25th Infantry (Tropic Lightning) Division Home Page

(A great bunch of blokes I had the pleasure of being attached to in Long Khanh Province, Sep - Dec '70 - Webmaster)


"Gunny's Page"

There are more links here than in a ship's anchor chain. A must see!!

Steve Stickley's Home Pages

Dedicated to ECHO 2/12 U.S. Marine Corps


To all POW/MIA's and their families everywhere




Definitely a site to visit for those who are looking for memorabilia, clothing and loads of other articles.

22nd Infantry Regiment Society Home Page

'Doc' Bronson's Home Page

In Doc's words - "This page is dedicated to all Army Combat Medics and Navy Corpsmen who served during the Vietnam War. We earned the nickname "Doc" in that other place a lifetime ago and we bear that nickname with pride"

'Pleiku Pals' Home Page

This site is particularly devoted to all those who served in and around Pleiku during the Vietnam War. You don't have to have served there to join 'Pleiku Pals' though, so why not check it out. Well put together, and a credit to the members.

America's Unsung Heroes

A special tribute to all those who served, those still missing, and particularly those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.


101st Airborne Division Home Page


82nd Airborne Division Home Page


Come visit Willy's Place

A look at two trips to Vietnam 30 years apart, one voluntarily, the other not quite so.

There is also a lot more information here as well.

The official Homepage of Viet-Net-Soc.culture.vietnamese - your hyperlinks to the Worldwide Virtual Vietnamese Culture

Veteran's Family Project

Lou Plummer is to be congratulated for putting together a site with a difference here. I won't try to describe it, but will urge you to pay it a visit and see for yourself.


1st Cavalry Division Association

The Association is a soldier's and veteran's fraternity. It is nonpolitical, nonsectarian and nonprofit

The Organization of Vietnam Veterans

A group of 'In country' Vets formed for a common cause.

The Freedom Through Vigilance Association

The 'Big Red One' Home Page


The Darrell Hoefling Family Page

Travel to Vietnam with Darrell, where he served with the Green Berets in 1970 -71

A host of links to other sites as well.

 Chui's Place

A site where you choose which direction to take. Back to the past or into the future. Very well done.




Army Transport Association Vietnam


Vietnam Helicopter Crew Network

Women in the Military

The TLC Brotherhood

Thailand - Laos - Cambodia

Task Force Alpha - Nakhon Phanom

A lot of troops would not be here now if not for these people


The ARL-23 in Vietnam

Bruce Schulze's tribute to his ship and those who sailed in her, as well as all the other members of the "Brown Water Navy"


Another site by Terri Crow. The name says it all, and definitely "Recommended Viewing", not only by those who look after Veterans, but by the Veterans themselves.


Check out this wonderful site. 

This Site is a brilliant concept. It not only helps the children of serving and Ex-service personnel keep in touch, but has advice for parents too on what their kids go through when the "inevitable move" comes - sometimes from one side of the world to another. Moving can be hard on the parents, but sometimes it's harder on the kids. I speak from 10 years experience of what my kids went through.

The VETERANS RING OF HONOR site is dedicated to all those who served, no matter in what branch, or what conflict. Check it out!!!



Visit First Sergeant Hughes' Motor Pool

Voted the Best Site(Military) of 1998, Please visit this site.

Marine Wives Site, its nice

Email: HowardBell

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