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Sailor Earth's Music Tavern

Hello everyone, please, to get started, click on the file you want!!! Most of my MIDI files are from the SailorMoon MIDI bank. Hope you like my page! BTW: If you take any of these MIDI files, be sure to put a banner or a link to my page! Thank you!

Main page (only click if you are not in frames already!)

(since 12/31/98)

Fate is so beautiful

Sailor Stars ending

Sailor Stars theme

Tuxedo Mask's appearance music

Just dreaming of you

German Sailor Moon theme

Outer senshi transform music

La Soldier

SM dance mix!!

Cosmic Moon power make up

Rainy Day Man

Call my name

Carry On

Don't fear

Kyofu, Kiki, Mercury no Toujou Thanks, Roselynn!

Eternal SailorMoon BGM

Fly me to the Moon

Gameboy Mars

Heart moving

Tuxedo Kamen BGM

Luna's BGM

Sharing the same tears

My only love

Moonlight Densetsu

Moon Revenge

Scout attack + transvormation BGM

SM's angel transformation

Another SScouts transformation

Another NA transformation

Another Carry On

Don't Fear

Fly me to the moon

German Ending

Heart moving

Melvin's theme

My only love

Approch the Beautiful Mornining Thanks whoever told me!

My only love 2

My only love 3

A maiden's policy

She's got the power (2)

Chinese SM theme

BGM when Saturn talks to SM

Alans flute

Reeny's BGM

Reeny's BGM 2

The old Negaverse BGM

Narration BGM

SM transform BGM

Music from "So, you wanna be a superstar"

Slow TM appearance theme

Slow SM theme

SM appearance BGM

Jazzy ending

SM locket

Someday... Somebody...

Starlights' intro BGM

Sailor Ironmouses song Thanks Candice! Thanks Amy!