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My Testimony

The Seed

In early January of 1993 (a few days before my thirtieth birthday), as I was kneeling, praying in my living room, I felt the Lord say (in my spirit) "I am coming to you, and my gift is in my hand." A few days later, late in the afternoon (the day following my thirtieth birthday), I was walking to CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) with a fellow student who happened to be from Africa, the nation of Uganda. We were on our way to studio six to view a newly constructed set that was to be used in our television drama class. While we walked we talked about his homeland. We ascended the steps to the massive brick building and then paused before entering in. Standing beside one of the large stone pillars, we began to discuss the move of the Holy Spirit across his home continent. I shared with him what I had heard, how that entire nations were turning to God and that Signs and Wonders and Miracles were accompanying the word. As I spoke these things a voice near and above me thundered in my ears, a voice not of this world. It was alive. The words penetrated my left temple in a heavenly stream and entered into the very core of my being. Each word was clear and concise and echoed in my ears. I immediately repeated them, and as they came out of my mouth, I could feel each one, for they were full of Spirit. These were the words that I heard:

"So Shall it be in this Nation as well."

And thus, God literally fulfilled His word to me TEN years earlier when He called me, saying;


"I HAVE APPOINTED you a watchman to the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from My mouth, warn them from Me" EZEKIEL 3:17.

"...I AM MAKING MY WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH FIRE and this people wood, and it will consume them." JEREMIAH 5:14.

Not many days later, while I was laying on my bed praying in the spirit...I had a vision. My natural vision was suspended, and I SAW JESUS, it was as if He was standing right in front of me. He was wearing a light blue tunic, single woven from the top down. He looked like an ordinary Middle Eastern Jew. He was looking right at me, straight into my eyes. His eyes were on fire, full of the Holy Spirit. There was just something about those eyes! But believe it or not, it was not Jesus that so much caught my attention, it was what He was doing. He was pushing a wheel chair toward me. In it sat a VERY OLD white haired woman. Her complexion was like the mix of the RACES. She was very beautiful, but very old. As I looked at her in her INVALID condition, it was as if Jesus was saying to me..."Prophesy to this woman....and tell her that I am about to raise her up, and fill her with the glory of her youth." Then the vision ended...and I found myself on my bed. The WOMAN was the Body (Bride) of Christ. She is the church.

Being obedient to my calling, I recorded the vision, and what the Lord had spoken to me on the steps of CBN. And as the Lord showed me to do, I then presented it to my local church in the form of a letter entitled, "The Seed."

"The Seed"