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Alexei Kovalev Links

here are tons of links to KOVALEV info

Unfortuately i haven't found that Alexei has his own website .... yet that is !

BUT, for now please enjoy these & let me know if any become outdated or don't work - thanks !

Adding Links:

Hockey Heaven - a list of all Kovalev's hockey cards!!

EuroReport - keeps track of all Russian & European NHL players!!!

pic - 'Action at the Net'

pic - of Alex & ref @ face-off

pic - directly from NYArchive (several)

The Alexei Kovalev Page


Up-to-date - last game

NYRangers Websites

11/28/98 - Pens + Rangers - Alexei's Revenge

Fleer - hockey cards


Pittsburgh Sports

Athlete Daily

Main Info Sites ... Alexei Kovalev

Joy of Hockey / Alexei Kovalev
Joy of Hockey / Pittsburgh Penguins
Between the pipes - Player Profile - Alexei Kovalev
Kovalev, Alexei (site w/ cards 4sale)
New York Rangers: Face Off! With Alexei Kovalev
Wall Street Sports [Alexei Kovalev Scouting Report] ...w/stock!
Penguins Live!
A Message Board ?!
kovalev wantlist

Articles ... reference to Kovalev

Kovalev to Puzzle Pens
Kovalev A Symbol Of Ranger Frustration
Kovalev Needs Surgery, Could Miss Olympics
Kovalev Warming Up In New York
Another Chance for Kovalev?
Straka, Kovalev plan no holdouts
Penguins get Kovalev, end 17-month ordeal
Kovalev proves a point
Kovalev never fulfilled promise
Rangers run out of patience with Kovalev
Kovalev separates shoulder
Article on Flying & Trade deal done day
Kovalev & Lang re-signed, Summer 1999
Can Jagr - Kovalev co-exist on same line?
Kovalev, Straka..file for Arbitration..Summer 1999
KOVY - on coming to US, etc... 3/98
Alexei's Revenge (1st game as pen & vs. nyr)
State of the Rangers, days before Kovalev trade...
Pens deal Nedved (kovalev trade)
Wrist injury idles Kovalev.
Test reveals Kovalev played with broken foot.
Kovalev moves to top line.....1/11/2000

Personal Webpages ... Alexei Kovalev

Auto'd pic Kovy as NYR
good pics + stuff for hockey site
NYR photos... (team + kovy's)
FAN PAGE from 1997 (NYR) - as response to Neil
List of Hockey Action Shots + his pen
..very old..
kerry's shrine