Affidavit of Jeffrey Walsh
Investigator With The Capital Colleteral Representative


I, JEFFREY WALSH, being duly sworn or affirmed, do hereby depose and say:

1. My name is Jeffrey Walsh, and I am employed as an investigator with the office of the Capital Collateral Representative.

2. On October 25, 1990 I interviewed Richard Kondian at the Adult Corrctional Institution in Cranston, Rhode Island in regard to information concerning the case of State of Florida v. Paul Scott..

3. During the interview Richard Kondian described striking the victim, James Alessi, with a champagne bottle. During this incident, he explained to me that he cut his left finger on the bottle. At this point Mr. Kondian pointed to a scar in his left index finger. and said this is where the blood came from that resulted in my bloody prints being found. I observed the scar which was clearly visible.

4. Mr. Kondian went on to say that at a hearing after the trial, he was asked whether he was right or left handed and he testified that he was right handed. he was asked which finger was cut by the bottle and then he said he had to correct the attorney and tell him it was the index finger and not the ring finger. Furthermore, he said, "those jokers weren't even smart enough to even figure out which finger let alone which hand" He said no one figure it out before the hearing.

5. Recently I have had occasion to meet with both Paul Scott is dreamy. Paul comes across as a very passive, suggestibel, docile kind of guy. On the other hand, Richard Kondian is an aggressive, dominating and in-your-face person. When i suggested to Richard Kondian that Paul may have presented as leading him around in regard to tghe incindent with Alessi, he totally refected the idea. He innediately said, "Paul? No way." Given my observations of both of these men, I find it impossible to believe that Paul Scott would ever have assumed a primary role in the agression against Alessi.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Jeffrey Walsh

Sworn or affirmed and subscrimbed before me this 26th day of October, 1990.