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July 10, 1998

Dear Friend's

Long ago the Hebrew prophet spoke of God saying: "You love justice and hate Evil". How true! The theme of Justice is so fundamental and so foundational in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures! To ignore it and so practice and injustice, we put ourselves at risk. Yet a great injustice is about to happen to a man, Paul Scott, now on death row in Florida. His innocence can be readily irrefutable proven and complete supportive documentation is at hand, sadly Paul Scott is indigent, has very low IQ and has become Florida's scape goat. Sadly enough the person who committed this crime admitted to it, spent 15 years in prison and has since been released.

Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking (since made into a movie) has endorsed Paul Scott's cause and grieves that an innocent man must die.

So, together with Helen Prejean and others, I ask: "Can we let an innocent man die?"
God forbid! And if we do, may God see it in his heart to forgive us!

We will need it!

Yours in trust and hope.

Rev. Edward McElduff