St. Joseph the Worker Church

1879 Applewood Dr.
Orefield, Pa 18069

August 4, 1998

Mr. John Kacsur
1434 Spring Dr.
Walnutport, PA 18088

Dear Mr Kacsur,

I have reviewed the materials you have given me regarding the unjust trial Mr. Paul William Scott has received, as well as the later information which never reached the ears of jurors. It certainly appears as if the execution of Paul William Scott would be an act of injustice at the highest level. The death of the innocent in certainly one crime which calls to God for justice.

I feel your actions in this matter are noble and merit a great deal of thanks for the dedication with which you and the other men and women are working to bring Paul's case to the ears of the men and women who have the power to release him. You have my prayerful support in this matter and I hope you pass on to Paul the solidarity which we share as children of God.

We always wish do to God's will and it is certain that God's wills not the death of the innocent, however God sometimes allow evil to occur so that He may bring good out of it. Justice is eternal and so one can be assured that every act of injustice here on earth is certainly dealt with in the heavenly kingdom and compensated for in God's own way. Paul's life will hopefully be spared, however if God calls him to suffer this injustice, we must believe that God will triumph even in that injustice. So one is compelled to work for justice and aim to save one man's life, especially a man apparently as innocent as Paul William Scott, but always remembering that it is heaven we work for and it is in Christ which stretches to the highest heaven that all of earth's injustices are made right. Feel free to share this letter with anyone who would benefit from knowing I support life and the sparing of the life of one Paul William Scott.

Yours in Christ
Msgr.Robert Wargo
Pastor, St. Joseph the Worker Church,
Orefield, PA