Sister Helen Prejean
8009 Grand RTE. St. John 46
New Orleans, LA, 70119

Along with many others I want to raise my voice on behalf of Paul William Scott.
I believe he's innocent, and he'll be executed by the State of Florida unless there is such a public outcry on his behalf that state officials will have to halt the execution + grant him justice.

When I first started working with death row inmates back in 1982, I presumed everyone on death row was guilty. Now, 16 years later, I know that politics drives the death penalty + that innocent people occupy death row cells along with the guilty.

One of those innocent ones is P.W. Scott.

Please raise your voice on his behalf.
Write letters, make phone calls, contribute financial help for legal + investigative resources.

Be generous with your support.

I thank God Bob Pauley and others have stood up for Paul. Let us join our efforts on behalf of an innocent man who has already who has already suffered too much.

Sister Helen Prejean.

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