Kondian's letter to Paul's sister, Valerie

Dear Valerie,

I received your letter and to tell you the truth, I was expecting it. Me and Paul have been in touch constantly since we both got railroaded!

Paul and I did not tell on each other because there was nothing to tell! Your brother went to court first and was convicted of this crime. I stayed out of his trial because it was best! 5 months later I pleaded guilty and got 45 years on my first on my first offence! That right there alone helps Paul on his appeal because I admitted to it, the champagne-bottle and all - I said a few things to the judge that I exaggerated a little but you have to understand I was looking out for myself too!

Anything I said to that judge can't be used against Paul in any way unless I'm there to tell it and that my dear, is out of the question!
Between me and you. and I'm being totally honest with you now. Paul didn't do the actual killing.. I'm afraid that's all I can say to you about that because I don't want to incriminate myself any further!

Have faith in your brother and believe him. He won't lie.

(the editor of these web-sites asks the readers to bare with her - 2 sentences of this letter is totally unreadable for the human eye...)

I never told said to the judge that Paul killed him and I can confirm that. The medical examiner testified that the killing blow came from a left handed person. I don't know if that's true or not because I wasn't in the courtroom but I'm not left handed! I can't go back into the courtroom and change what I already said because I would get another 5 for perjury!

The best I can do is stay in (???) heals all if you're ever heard that saying before! Paul won't die because he was convicted on circumstantial evidence so please have faith in him as I do. I sent him stamps and there's a money order on the way for him from me! I love that guy like a brother too, and that's the last thing I want to happen to him. Write back if you wish. I'll be glad to answer your questions.