Joseph Incandela about Paul William Scott

I first became acquainted with Paul Scott when I assigned my students at Saint Mary's College to write prisoners at death row. Many ended up corresponding with Paul, who always very graciously addressed their questions about what life was like on America's death rows.

My students describe Paul as a gentle spirit, and he in turn truly loves them and appreciates their letters. Eventually, Paul wrote directly to me and I wrote back.

It was my initiation into a maze of substantial complexity which constitutes the events of his case. It also served a true education about Paul's circumstances and the reality of capital punishment in the United States. Since then, I've become part of a truly worldwide effort to achieve justice for Paul William Scott, who I firmly believe to be innocent of the crime for which he was charged.

My primary teaching field is Catholic Chritian ethics. Within that field, there is the concept of the "seemless garment" of life: namely that all life is sacred, and all life has innate and inherent human dignity as created in the image and likeness of God. Even were Paul guilty of the crime for which he was charged, i would oppose his execution. But that Paul is an innocent man facing execution is a tragedy that cries out to the heavens for redress.

Joseph M. Incandela, Ph. D.
Chair & Associate Professor
Department of Religious Studies