Affidavit from Mr. Hastings

Mr. Paul Morris
Attorney at Law
South Dixie
Miami, Florida 33133

Re: Paul William Scott

Dear Mr. Morris

I realize how very busy you are, so I'll be as brief as possible with this. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this letter may be.

While in the Palm Beach County Jail in late 1979 and early 1980, I on several occasions had encounters with Richard Kondian. Our conversations often turned toward Mr. Scott, as I told him Paul was in the same cell as I was and we were friends. On several occasions, Mr. Kondian and I were also transported together, along with others, to the Palm Beach County Courthouse and held in the same "holding cells", awaiting our court appearances.

On several occasions our conversations turned toward Mr. Scott's and Mr. Kondian's case. Mr. Kondian said that Paul panicked and ran from the house so it was up to him to beat the victim in the head and kill him, which he said he did without hesitation, so they couldn't be identified by the victim, by leaving him alive to do so.

Mr. Kondian also stated he wasn't worried about getting much time as he and his family had lots of money and hired a good attorney.

Mr. Roth, who could get him a good deal and off light, at the right price. He said Mr. Roth told him, "I'll get you a good deal on this case".

Mr. Kondian also stated that since Mr. Scott had a previous record and a public defender that he could put all the weight on Paul and off himself, or so was his strategy.

In my case Mr. Morris, my co-defendant was represented by Paul's counsel. Mr. George Barrs from the Public Defenders Office. I was represented by William Staab, a private attorney. My co-defendant and I were tried together and nearly every day during the noon hour recess, Mr. Barr tried to talk my attorney into going to the Holiday Inn and have a drink or two for lunch, which Mr. Staab always refused to do!

During the afternoon court sessions Mr. Barrs after slept through most of it and you could smell alcohol on his breath, his clothes and his appearance and speech of a person under the influence, which is a known fact about him and his history in law firms show it in West Palm Beach.

In closing, please feel free to ask me any other questions you can think of and I will be more than happy and willing to assist you any way I can.

Very Respectfully,

Jeff R. Hastings

Subscribed and sworn before me this 7th. day of December, 1982.