Letter to the Florida Supreme Court

from Fred Kolkman of the Netherlands



Ede, the Netherlands October 25 1998


Dear Sir,


I write you about the planned execution of P.W. Scott.

I beg mercy of you and pray ernestly that you will examine this case


The death of a man with an IQ of 69 would be a shame especially when

there is so much prove he didn't do what he is sentensed for.


I get the feeling you use the way of the least resistance to burn him,

what is easier then execute a person who doesn't quiet understand

what's happening so you can say to your voters "see, we protect you by

killing a murderer."

My question in the name of justice is don't execute Paul William

Scott, he is innocent.

I thank you for your time and truly hope you will find the humanity to

let this man life.


Respectfully, I am

Fred Kolkman

The Netherlands