Affidavit From Juror Bunkley

State of Florida )
County of Palm Beach)

I, Yvonne Bunkley, having been duly sworn hereby say:

1. My name is Yvonne Bunkley. I presently live in Lantana, Florida. I was a member of the jury that heard the case of State of Florida v. Paul William Scott.

2. After the trial and while deliberating, I had many questions about what really happened that night at Mr. Alessi's house. I told the other members of the jury that I needed more information before I could convict Paul William Scott of first degree murder.

3. Even though I did vote Paul William Scott guilty of first degree murder, I was still unsure as to what happened that night. I was not convinced that Paul William Scott was the one responsible for Mr. Alessi's murder.

4. I ultimately voted guilty because of pressure from the other jurors. Some of them kept telling me, come on he was hit in the head by a left handed person. I knew that Paul William Scott was left handed.

5. I felt that the state was in a hurry to get the case over with and did not provide us with enough information. I really wanted to know more about Richard Kondian. I remember when they brought Richard Kondian into the courtroom. I thought, now we're going to get somewhere. However, all they did was talk about his size and then took him back out of the courtroom.

6. I have read Richard Kondian's affidavit of October 25, 1990. The information in this affidavit is the type of information I wanted during the trial. I am troubled that I did not know about what really happened.

7. I have also read Charles Vincent Soutullo's affidavit. I now know that he lied at trial. Mr. Soutullo's only concern was himself. It makes me angry that he did not tell the truth at trial. Paul William Scott's life is on the line. At the time of trial I would have wanted to know the truth about what Mr. Soutullo knew.

8. I have read the affidavit of Rubert T. Avera. The information in this affidavit is also the type of information I needed, to know what really happened on the night of Mr. Alessi's death. It bothered me that I was not provided this information at trial.

9. I read the police statements of Richard Allorth, Katherine Bauer and John Simone. Again, this is what we needed at trial to know the truth about what happened. This information would have also shown that Richard Kondian was the main man.

10. I reviewed the sworn statement of Bernadine Beth Bernard. I am troubled that we did not know what she had to say, back at the time of trial. Her statement about seeing Kondian call Paul William Scott a punk for running out on him and making Kondian do everything himself is very important.

11. If all of this information would have been presented during trial, the verdict would have been different. Paul William Scott should not have been convicted for something he did not do. I feel that Richard Kondian is responsible for Mr. Alessi's death, not Paul William Scott.

12. It is not fair or right that Richard Kondian is out of prison and Paul William Scott is still on death row. I feel that some one should review Paul William Scott's case and look at all the evidence.

13. The jury voted seven to five for the death penalty.

Further affiant sayeth naught.

Yvonne Bunkley

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 14th day of April 1994.
By Yvonne Bunkley

Provided Florida Drivers Licence.