What Katherine Bauer Said When Questioned

Q: Could I have your name, please?
A: Katherine Bauer.

Q: You've got to speak up, Kathy.
A: Katherine Bauer.

Q: How do you spell Katherine?
A: K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E.

Q: And the spelling of the last name?
A: B-A-U-E-R.

Q: Your home address?
A: 300 W. Palmetto Park Road, Apt. 512B.

Q: And your home phone?
A: 368-7354.

Q: And uh, your date of birth?
A: 10/03/58.

Q: Katherine, do you know James Alessi?
A: Yes, I do.

Q: How long have you known him?
A: A little over two years.

Q: Do you know a fellow by the name of Rick Kondian?
A: I met him one day, Sunday.

Q: What was the date there? Do you remember?
A: Uh, it would have been Sunday the 3rd.

Q: OK. And what was the circumstances?
A: ---maybe. Jimmy had brought him over to the house just to introduce him to me. ---He had brought him over - it was a guy that he had picked up the night before.

Q: Did he say where he picked him up at?
A: He said he picked him up at the Copa.

Q: OK. Is Copa a homosexual or uh?
A: It's a gay bar, Gay Disco.

Q: And what time did he bring him over?
A: I believe it was about one o'clock - between one and two.

Q: And uh, he said he picked him up the night before...
A: That's right.

Q: At the Copa.
A: Saturday night and he had spent the night with him.

Q: He told you he spent the night with him?
A: Sure. Rick was in the room when he said it.

Q: Saturday night. And what was the rest of his conversation? What did Jimmy say to you in regard to him?
A: He had just - he had said that they had had sex and that....

Q: He just definitely said they had sex?
A: They definitely had sex and...

Q: Is that all he said, they had sex or did he tell you what kind of sex they had?

A: He did not say what kind of sex - he said that they had sex - that Rick was good. And that he was well endowed.

Q: Is that what he said?
A: In so many words, yes.

Q: What did he actually say?
A: Actually he said Rick had gone to the rest room and he held up his hands in a gesture, and he said he's like this - indicating a space between his hands of about 10 inches.

Q: OK. And how long did he spend at your house?
A: I would say close to an hour.

Q: OK. What did you think of this Rick or what was your feeling on him or what have you.
A: Uh, he was a little motely, a little dirty sort of. He didn't say much. He said, can I use the rest room? I said, yes. And then he said, can I have a drink of water? And I said yes. And uh, but he was high when he was at the house a matter of fact.

Q: How do you know he was high?
A: Cause he said he was.

Q: Did he say what he was taking?
A: Cocaine.

Q: Rick said this?
A: Well, both of them. They had gotten up that morning and Jimmy had a very little bit of cocaine - and uh, they had done that. I don't know how - snorted it or shot it - I'm not sure. But they had done that that morning.

Q: They stayed for an hour. Did they say where they were going or what they were going to do?
A: Rick said he had to get back to Ft. Lauderdale cause his friend Eddie would wonder where he had been. And I said, oh, is Eddie your roommate or your boyfriend, or just roommate - roommate? He said, no, no, just roommate not a boyfriend.

Q: Did it make you nervous at all while he was in there, or what? This Rick.
A: Not - he was nervous. He didn't make me nervous. He just sort of, he sat in the chair, and Jimmy and I sat on the sofa - and he just sat forward you know, he was not relaxed. He looked around and he groaned alot but he didn't really say anything. Jimmy and I talked while he played with stereo. He just asked me about the stereo, a new kind sort of electronic thing. And I showed him how it worked. And he was sort of interested. He didn't carry on any conversation.

Q: Uh, did you ever live at Jimmy's house for any length of time?
A: I think the longest I stayed - not at the new house.

Q: Not at Seminole?
A: No not at all.

Q: Where? His home?
A: In Deerfield yeah.

Q: You were not involved with Jim other than being a friend, is that correct?
A: That's true. We were good friends.

Q: While you were staying there did he ever bring any friends home? And boyfriends home?
A: Sure.

Q: Yeah. Where would he say he'd pick them up? Did he say or ---
A: Sure, if it was Friday or Saturday night, they came from the Copa or the Poop Deck but he had stopped going there about a year ago. But during the week they came from the Book Store in Pompano or on the Strip - I remember one from the Strip - one young guy.

Q: Did he ever mention picking them up? Picking up hitchhikers or on the Strip?
A: Sure. Yeah, he drives around that little circle I've been with him once because...

Q: By the Tradewinds - you know, the Tradewinds that's around the corner?
A: I'm not sure - well I guess it is, yeah. He does them by the Marlin Beach Hotel. That little circle. Around and around the block and whoever is sitting out front, it's the people smiling - and then he comes back around and they're still - they acknowledge each other and sometimes the guy would come up and talk to him or they would start up a conversation.

Q: Would he pay money for their services or what?
A: As far as I know, not. He did not pay money, it was more or less drugs.

Q: Did he make it a habit of bringing these people home or?
A: Yeah. He never went home with anybody that I know of. He brought everybody to his house.

Q: Did he ever have any girlfriends?
A: He claimed to have - I never met any of them but there are a couple of occasions where he claimed to have had a girlfriend.

Q: Do you know of any girls that he might have - I don't want their names - but do you know of any girls that he's gone to bed with?
A: Yes.

Q: More than one?
A: Two. More than two.

Q: When was the last time you saw Jim alive?
A: Sunday afternoon when he and Rick were at the house.

Q: Well I went by about a week ago to pick up - I have some stuff stored over there since last Christmas and I went to pick it up, and he wasn't home - or I thought he wasn't. His car wasn't there and the lights weren't on. I went home and called him and he was there so I did not go in there. I guess he had a party - The Celebration of Life - he had a big party in September, I believe. And that was the last time I was over there.

Q: I'm going to show a picture here of a gentleman uh, is this the picture?
is this the subject you saw that was at your apartment?
A: Without a doubt, yes.

Q: OK. This is a picture of Rick Kondian and an unidentified W/F. Anything you want to add to this statement at all?
A: I can't think of anything right off, no.