Affidavit of Donna Alho



I, Donna Alho, having been duly sworn hereby say:
1. My name is Donna Alho. I live in Lantana, Florida. I served on the jury of State of Florida v. Paul William Scott back in 1979.

2. Being on this jury was my first experience with the judicial system. Paul William Scott did not receive a fair trial because his attorney presented no defense. Paul William Scott's attorney did absolutely nothing.
As a result the jury heard only the information the state wanted us to hear.

3. Based on the defense attorney's appearance it was clear that Paul Scott was unable to afford his own attorney and had to rely on an appointed attorney who did not care. The attorney could not have worked on the case because he had nothing to say.

4. While we were deliberating, I thought there were a lot of gray areas - things that did not make sense or tie together. I had concerns about Richard Kondian's involvement in Mr. Alessi's death.

5. One area that was not gray was the testimony about Mr. Alessi being hit in the head by a left handed person. The state attorney made it a point to our attention Paul Scott was writing on a legal pad with his left hand.

6. I came away from this trial feeling very troubled about the judicial system. It became clear to me that your defense is only as good as your dollar amount. The defense attorney gave me the impression that he did not work, at all, on this case. He was unprepared.

7. I have reviewed the police statements of Richard Allorth, John Simone and Katherine Bauer. This information that the jury should have known. I never knew that Richard Kondian knew Mr. Alessi prior to the night of his death. This information would have explained Richard Kondian's involvement.

8. I have reviewed the affidavit of Charles Vincent Soutullo. I also find thais information important. We were given so little information that it was critical that the information we did receive was truthful. It makes me angry that Mr. Soutullo testified falsely.

9. At the time of trial I needed more information to know what really happened at Mr. Alessi's house on the night of his death. I needed more information about Richard Kondian's involvement.

10. I feel that it was never proven who was responsible for Mr. Alessi's death.

11. I have reviewed the sworn statement of Bernadine Beth Bernard. This is also the type of information that the jury needed to know about.

12. The fact that this information was not presented to the jury makes me suspicious of the judicial system. I would hate to be a defendant without having the best defense attorney money money could buy.

13. I feel that Paul Scott was not defended during his trial. His lawyer went into with no preparation.

14. As I have thought about this case over the years, it would put my mind at ease if this case was reviewed by some one who could make a difference. Like I said Paul Scott did not receive a fair trial.
Further affiant sayeth naught.

Donna Alho

Sworn to and subscribed to before me this 18th day of April, 1994, by Donna Alho.
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< Notary Public, State of Florida Jeffrey Walsh