General Offense Report On The Victim, James Alessi

Date and time to records 11/28/76

The undersigned was assigned to work the area of Birch Road in response to numerous complaints about male prostitutes frequenting the area. The undersigned was in plain clothes and observed the Defendant JAMES ALESSI standing on the S.E. corner of the intersection of Birch Road and Cortez Street and at this time, he was observed to be fingering his genitals by running his fingers over the bulge in his pants. It should be noted that the Defendant was dressed in a blue pullover and a pair of extremely tight washed out blue jeans. He apparently had an erection.

At this time the Defendant smiled over towards the undersigned and I walked across the street. After arrival to where MR.ALESSI was standing, conversation ensued - mainly in the line of who the undersigned was and how long I had been in town and was I lonesome and so forth. It became apparent to the undersigned, while talking to MR.ALESSI, that he was soliciting me for a Lewd and Lascivious Act. During the time I was talking to MR. ALESSI, he continually fingered his genital areas and rubbed them in in an erotic manner and at one point turned around and started to push his genital areas up against a fireplug. THis appeared to the undersigned a parody of the sexual act. While doing this, he would continually rub his genitals with his hand and also run his hands over the area of his buttocks.

The undersigned then entered into conversation with MR. ALESSI as to what the "FARE" would be and MR. ALESSI stated that that "DEPENDED". We then bantered back and forth over the amount of money and finally settled on the amount of 50 dollars. The undersigned then asked MR. ALESSI what I was due to receive for 50 dollars, and at this point he stated that he did not go in for anything "bizarre". When pressed as to what "bizarre" meant, he stated that he did not go in for "SADO-MASOCHISM" and the undersigned agreed with him that I didn't go in for that either. At this time he asked the undersigned if I were a Police Officer and I replied that I was not - and asked him if I looked like a Police Officer. MR. ALESSI stated "NO" and I asked him if he were a Police Officer - he also replied "NO". At this time the undersigned asked MR.ALESSI what he would do for the??? and he said "ANYTHING YOU WANT - OTHER THAN SADO-MASOCHISM", then the conversation got around "rimming" and he stated that occasionally he would go in for "rimming". At this time MR. ALESSI stated to the undersigned that nothing further than that would occur.
(IT SHOULD BE NOTED FOR REPORT PURPOSED, that "RIMMING" used in the homosexual community for the act of placing the penis within the rectum of another.

At this time, Sgt. Smith and Off. Roberts approached in an unmarked leased veh. and went up the street, and parked. At this time, the undersigned and MR.ALESSI walked towards the veh. After arrival there, the undersigned ID'd myself with the use of my badge and ID card and advised him that I was a police officer and he was under arrest. At this time, MR. ALESSI was placed against the side of the car and searched and following the search was handcuffed and placed in the back seat where he was transported, along with the undersigned, Sgt. Smith, and Off. Roberts to the city jail wherein he was booked.

During the time that the undersigned transported MR. ALESSI, and while we were walking towards the police car, it should be be noted that at no time did he try to brad and run or to resist the arrest in any way.

NFA at this time<

Off M. Bushnell