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Who the hell was Fresh?!
Dustin McLean - vocals, guitar
Jon "Bud" Luyckx - bass, vocals
Trevor Nettleton - drums, vocals

Hi and welcome to We're a band from Ladysmith, B.C. Ladysmith is a small town located somewhere on Vancouver me, you don't want to go there anyway. We offer free naked pictures of Pamela Anderson, click here to get 'em!

  • Fresh is no more.

  • Dustin

    Age: 18
    Employed: McDonalds
    Hobbies: hockey, music, snowboarding
    Other instruments: trumpet, drums, skin flute
    Favorite bands: Our Lady Peace, Everclear, Blink 182, Matthew Good Band, Limblifter, Third Eye Blind
    Musical influences: Load Swallower, Mark Hoppus, Pavarotti
    Girlfriend: yes
    Nickname: Dunston
    Favorite riffs


    Age: 18
    Hobbies: swimming, mountain biking, music
    Other instruments: guitar
    Favorite bands: The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, Big Sugar, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good Band, Treble Charger, Deftones
    Musical influences: The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, Yanni
    Girlfriend: single
    Likes: cookies, The Norm Show, Maxim
    Dislikes: people who diss alternative music, Aaron Carter
    Favorite riffs


    Age: 16
    Grade: 11
    Hobbies: hockey, rugby, aggressive rollerblading
    Favorite bands: Creed, Limp Bizkit
    Musical influences: Creed, Dave Matthews Band, Matthew Good Band, Ricky Martin
    Girlfriend: yes
    Likes: fine lookin' women, Molson Canadian
    Dislikes: wood pushers, cheap beer, showing up for band practice
    Nicknames: Trey, Lunch Trey

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    Last update: September 15, 2000