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      What about ?   (preliminary translation from the spanish version)

      - No, it isn't fiction-art. Looking on the Web  for UFO or OVNI one can find a lot of
    related pages containing nice pictures or illustrations on this matter. Art is free and
    its main goal is to attire the public, thus artist are in their right.

      - No, it isn't a publicity resort. The effect which can cause a such narration in
    every person can go from admiration to the very innermost and visceral rejection.
    It would be rather the second, working then as "negative publicity" in general.
    Not recommended.

      - No, it isn't a fire-ball crossing the sky of Barcelona. Fire-ball are meteorological
    phenomena in the shape of an incandescent ball crossing the atmosphere at high speed
    and with a big noise. The white shape seen on the urban landscape STARTS moving from
    right to left out of "the nil" at zero speed in the middle of the darkness of the sky.
    The maximum estimated speed reached at the moment of hiding could be around 50 Km/h.

      - No, it wasn't kilometers away from me but not much further from a hundred of meters
    and my vision was fine, wore not glasses by this time, and had a very sharp vision.
    The darkness weakens the ability to estimate distancies but not so much. Even more, if
    the long axis of the ellipse was, compared to the height between floors of the building
    from which it passed by, about three meters, the width of the trail could be around two
    meters. If we try to extrapolate yonder the result would be really huge. Please accept
    my estimation. One hundred meters close is not too far not to be sure that something is
    just there and not ten times yonder.

      - No, it isn't a plane. This was my first impression because it was something flying
    and seemed to be jet-propelled. But did not make any noise, neither carried color lights,
    as usually have planes at the end of theirs wings. No windows, no reflections, nothing
    else more. The only visible thing was the trail flowing from a white ellipse, which,
    following the change of perspective, looked like a round hole, a cavity or a nozzle.
    Even more, planes don't use to fly by the city at 30 meters height, even less the jets.

      - No, it isn't a spy-plane. Planes, even the best spies, do not hold themselves floating
    in the air motor-off (levitating) and start it to fly away when they have enough spied.
     - No, I am not inventing it. What I intend to show in the animated picture is something
    that I saw in 1980 and I couldn't find any explanation nor fit in the description of
    anything already known.

     - No, nobody else was there. It was a parking place (this is what I did) in some street
    along which pass mostly vehicles.

     - No, it did not happen to me because I was selected by the skies, anointed by the white
    balm of the holyness. I am a common citizen, mediocre and rather clumsy, who goes from
    A to C crossing the whole alphabet and at the end realizes that it was really simple:
    just going through B. As a compensation I have to be persistent. Try, error and retry.

     - No, I was'nt affraid. In fact I had not even time to feel anything neither had any reason to.
    It was quite natural. At first, surprise, half-way I seized it and then felt a little angry
    because I understood that they would'nt allow me to see much more. It was once in life and
    had to be satisfied as I could check with my own eyes something that many others had already

      Here are a lot of no's, but I'm sure I forget some. Human beings frequently do have
    the habit of contrariness and we don't accept directly what we are told from someone else.
    We always try to see it otherwise, as if the teller were by principle wrong. Specially if
    we believe that the Earth is flat and someone want to tell us that it is in fact round.
      I understand that everyone has his/her own view and can be interested or not in this
    subject. Thus I beg those who wish to go on to jump to next page.
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