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My Flicks

This is me at the Vulcan Spock Days Rodeo 2000. I am on a Richards Rodeo horse called "Blue Rodeo". Unfortunately I missed him out that day.

This is me at Cochrane 1999. I am on a Pengelly horse named "Hang Up".

This is me on a Stan Weatherly horse called 68-Wasp. I was 66 points on him.

This is me on a Richards Horse Called "Lonesome Dove".

Getting mashed in Cochrane on Northcott's 154-Sante Fe.

My feet don't look so good. Need to get them in the neck. This horse was in a tight spin.

This is a nice little Ty Northcott horse called 99-Gretzky. I got bucked off and caught one of his legs in the back of my head as I was going off. I suffered a minor concussion on this ride.

This is me at a winter rodeo in Taber. I am on a Big Country horse named 35-Airtime. Photo taken by Gail Gatto.
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