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Updated January 20, 2000

Here's were you get to feast your poor, doomed eyes on the worst of the worst, the most tasteless of the tasteless and the most fashioned-challenged of the fashion-challenged. That's right, its the Ugliest Clothes in Anime!!! So, without further ado, here's the bottom of the fashion barrel...

Lum from Urusei Yatsura Again, my dislike for the fashions of the 1980s comes into play. From the purple blouse/yellow vest combo all the way down to the pink slouch socks and red shoes, this atrocity gets a 5/5 on the uglymeter. The belt is too high, the colours don't match, and, call me crazy, but I personally dislike the idea of yellow pedal pushers on top of navy leggings. With pink socks to boot.
How to Improve it: There is no way to make this a nice outfit. However, its utter hideousness can be toned down. Loose the pink fingerless gloves, pink socks, and all the yellow stuff. Now you are left with the purple blouse and blue spandex pants... no wait, get rid of the spandex and keep the yellow pants, leaving you with... okay, there really is no way to make this outfit less ugly. I'm very very sorry.

Armitage from Armitage Okay, this outfit is just awful. Too tight, much too skimpy... it doesn't look sexy, it just looks skanky. On the uglymeter, I give this a 3/5. Its only redeming qualities are the color, which I actually like a lot, and the boots, which are just really really nice boots.
How to Improve it: Hmmm... I'd say the shorts should be a little lower, maybe hip-hugging. She should lose the collar and put on a pair of tight black pants instead of the... whatever those things are. They don't look too comfortable. Also, the jacket might look a bit better if it had a collar or was a little longer.

Mana from Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel The dress in this outfit is actually quite pretty, the problem with it is the hat. Is it some kind of joke? Do hats like this exist in real life? And not as jokes? On the uglymeter, I give this a 1/5. Because I actually really like the dress.
How to Improve it: Just get rid of the hat, or make the brim a little smaller.

Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi At first glance, this outfit appears to be not too bad. But upon further examination, it is quite obvious that the colors are disgustingly mis-matched. The jacket and pants are a sickening shade of orange, and the tie is the finishing touch. Alone, either of these two would be alright (well, maybe not the tie), but together, this outfit looks like something a clown would wear. On the uglymeter, I give this a 2.5/5.
How to Improve it: This suit actually isn't too hard to fix. I would recommend simply changing the tie to a complimentary navy blue and making the color of the suit a little less orange and more brown. Or lose the tie all together and get a suit which is casual (no tie) yet dressy (its double-breasted).

Makoto/Fatora from El Hazard This outfit is the antithesis (ooh, big word) of the red number from Armitage above. Its much, much too baggy. Also, the hat is pretty ugly and the colors all all wrong: Olive green, tan, brown and sky blue aren't exactly a winning combination. On the uglymeter, I give this a 4/5. The good points of this ensemble are the shoes which have comfort written all over them, and the use of a symbol on the hat and belt: very original.
How to Improve it: I would improve this outfit by first getting rid of the hat and brown and tan layer. The sky-blue dress underneath seems rather sheer, which is common trend in many Spring designer collections (Anna Sui, Calvin Klein, etc.).

Kasumi or Misty from Pokemon On the uglymeter, I give this a 3.5/5. The worst thing about this outfit is the suspenders, I mean, seriously, those shorts look tight enough to hold up themselves, and besides, who wears suspenders? Unfortunatly, if you take away the suspenders, she looks like white trash: A belly shirt and tight short-shorts. In fact, that shirt looks like it was cut off at the bottom and the sleeves...
How to Improve it: This could definatly be improved by getting rid of the suspenders. Then, if the shorts were pants instead, it would look much better. If having shorts was very important, though, I recommend changing the shirt. Perhaps a nice tank top (with spaghetti straps) or t-shirt instead. Oh, and lose the "one-side" ponytail look as well.

Linna from Bubblegum Crisis One of the ugliest outfits I have ever laid eyes on, this brings back memories of the 80s. The fluffy red parts are hideous, and the bandanna looks terrible. Purple tights are horribly mis-matched, and the long white gloves just look out of place. Its hard to find one redeeming quality in this outfit, which gets a 4.5/5 on the uglymeter.
How to Improve it: This outfit needs a complete re-vamping. I would remove the ruffled skirt, to leave the dress as a simple tube dress. If Linna really wants the gloves, they could be dyed black. Some sheer pantyhose could replace the *purple* or perhaps some black tights with a simple design in red. To complete the outfit, the bandanna could be replaced by a red flower worn in the hair.

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