Tips for Tourettes
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Tips for Tourettes

ABC’s of Tourette Syndrome

A= Acceptance of Tourette’s and it’s symptoms 
¨ Your child may not be able to control his symptoms, 
  but you can control your reactions to them
¨ Both you and your child should understand all aspects of TS, 
  so you can make informed decisions
¨ Educate those who touch your child’s life
B= Build Self-esteem - confidence, skills ¨ This is the single most important thing you can do for your child ¨ Give them tasks they can complete ¨ Search out their God-given talents ¨ Praise, Praise, Praise
C= Choose your battles wisely ¨ Find creative ways to cope ¨ Concentrate on prevention of any self-injurious behavior your child may have to himself and others ¨ Discover what is most effective with your child, and with your specific circumstances ¨ Discipline to teach the child what his mistake was and how he can learn to make better choices from it.

The ABC’s of Tourette’s
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