Tourettes Syndrome
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Tourettes Syndrome

One Day at a Time!!!

On behalf of all who struggle daily, young and old, with Tourette Sydrome - I dedicate this page to the further education of friends and loved ones who interact with an individual who has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome!! And to Matthew, you are the joy of my life, and the light in my eyes!! You are definitely a "Gift from God" and I love you with my whole heart!!!!

I will never forget the day, in September of 1996, when my son's 2nd grade teacher, asked me "Has anyone ever mentioned to you that Matthew has been having tics?" Shocked and confused, I shook my head and said "What do you mean?" "Have you ever noticed him blinking real fast? That is a tic!" she pointed out. "I think he might have Tourettes!"

There it was, this word I had never even heard before and certainly didn't know how to spell!! Yet could she be right? Panic set in as she loaded me down with pamphlets, and information to read, and the more I read, the more I saw my Matthew in the pages!! The guilt that came was amazingly deep, feelings that somehow I had "caused" or "missed" something. The truth is, earlier in his life, when I took him to the doctor for his "throat clearing" tic, his doctor said "allergies". When I told his doctor about his "tactile defensiveness", he said "developmental stage". So, really I had done everything I could do, I just didn't know what to look for. Which is where this page comes in - I want to share with people what they need to know!! My desire is to educate and inform people on Tourette Syndrome!! It is so vastly wide-spread, yet so many are uninformed!! So sit back, read and learn!!

This page is under construction!!! 9-08-97 BUT soon there will be tons of links, and tons of info. SO keep your eye on this page!!!

Please feel free to email me with your comments, suggestions, or your Tourettes/ADD/ADHD story!! I would love to offer my support!!!

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