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American Indian Fry Bread

Each of these bread recipes are a variation of one basic recipe but have a slightly different taste.
So if you have been wanting to make fry bread that tastes like grandma used to make perhaps you will
find the recipe here. I prepare fry bread only for special occasions and use vegetable oil instead of lard.


Cherokee Fry Bread

Mix ingredigents adding more flour if necessary to make a stiff dough.
Roll out the dough on a floured board till very thin. Cut into strips 2 X 3 inches and drop in hot cooking oil.
Brown on both sides. Serve hot with honey.

Make certain the cooking oil is hot enough, or the fry breads will be doughy, undercooked, and oily.


Cherokee Hard Bread

This bread was made for long journeys and used the batter recipe listed above but was rolled out into donut shapes and baked until very hard.
After the bread was baked it was laid out in the sun until it was dry and even harder. The bread was then strung on a cord like beads so it could be easily carried. At meals the bread was stewed or moistened with other liquids to make it soft enough to eat.


Chickasaw Fry Bread

Stir first three ingredigents then stir in the beaten egg. Add milk to make the dough soft.
Roll it out on floured bread board, knead lightly. Roll dough out to 1/2 inch thick.

Cut into strips 2 X 3 inches and slit the center. Drop into hot cooking oil and brown on both sides. Serve hot.


Creek Fry Bread

Sift flour,salt and baking powder then add milk and more flour to make dough stiff.
Roll out onto floured bread board and cut into 4 X 4 squares with a slit in the center.

Fry in hot cooking oil until golden brown. Drain on plate with paper towels.


Honey Fry Bread

Mix the flours, salt, sugar and baking powder together.
Add about 1/2 cup water and mix well, adding a bit more water if needed to make a stiff dough.
Roll it out on lightly floured surface and knead until dough becomes elastic and smooth.
Let it stand for 10 minutes. Cut into squares, strips, or circles about 1/2 thick.
Deep fry in very hot oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towels.

Drizzle honey over bread and serve immediately.


Navajo Fry Bread

Heat oil to 360 degrees in a heavy 5 qt saucepan. Stir together the flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually stir in water, knead dough until no longer sticky. Cover and let stand 15 minutes. Pull off 2 in. balls of dough. On lightly floured surface, roll each ball into a circle about 1/4 inch thick. Pierce circles of dough several times with a fork.

Deep fry until both side are golden. (about 3-4 minutes) Drain and serve with honey, powdered sugar or jam.

Fry bread may be wrapped airtight and frozen up to 3 months. Reheat in a foil packet in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes. Before serving open the foil to allow the fry bread to dry out on the outside.


Old Fashioned Fry Bread

Mix flour, baking powder and salt. Gradually add in the shortening and water. Add only enough water to make dough stick together. Knead dough until smooth, make into fist-sized balls. Cover them with a towel for 10 minutes then pat them out into circles about the size of a pancake.
Fry in hot cooking oil in cast iron skillet until brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels, serve with jam.


Osage Fry Bread

Sift flour, salt and baking powder into bowl. Stir in shortening and milk. Knead the dough into a ball. Roll out dough on lightly floured board. Cut into diamond shapes and slice a slit in the center.
Heat shortening in deep fryer to 370 degrees. Fry 2 or 3 at a time until golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels.


Seminole Fry Bread

Mix flour, baking powder and salt. Add milk gradually making sure the dough is stiff. Put on floured bread board and pat it out with your hands until it is 1/2 inch thick. Cut into strips with a slit in the center. Fry in hot oil until both sides are golden brown.


Traditional Indian Fry Bread

Disolve yeast in warm water then add salt and sugar. Let stand for 5 minutes covered with a towel. Add flour and oil to liquid mixture. Mix and put on floured bread board and knead until mixture is smooth. Put dough in a greased bowl, cover with towel and let it rise for 1 1/2 hours. Remove from bowl and put on bread board, knead in the 1/2 cornmeal.

Make dough into 2 balls rolling each into 12 inch circles 1/2 inch thick. Cut into 2 inch squares and drop into hot cooking oil. (Works best with cast iron skillet.) Fry 5 to 6 pieces at a time for only a few moments. Drain on paper towel and sprinkle with white powdered sugar.


Filled Fry Bread

Use one of the bread recipes above. Roll the dough out extra thin and cut into slices about 4 X 6 inches and put a small amount of chopped cooked beef or chicken on each piece. Fold the dough over and pinch the edges. Fry in hot oil until browned.


Indian Tacos

Fry some ground beef until it is nicely browned, seasoning the meat with salt and pepper to taste.
Drain away the excess fat, and spread a layer of the meat onto a piece of hot Navajo Fry Bread. Then add shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, chopped onions and chopped tomatoes. Um...very tasty!


Wild Onions and Eggs

Wash onions and chop them into small pieces including the green tops. Boil in water with water just barely covering the onions, add 1 tbsp. bacon fat. Boil 20 minutes, or until the onions are tender and the water has been asborbed. Stir eggs into the onions and cook an additional 5 minutes.

Some people like more eggs than onions so with this recipe you can adjust it to your own preference. It is a traditional springtime meal that is delicious when prepared properly.


Fried Green Tomatoes

Slice the tomatoes 1/2 inch thick, but do not peel or core. Drain well on paper towels until most of the moisture of the tomatoes is absorbed.
While the tomatoes are draining, make the batter. Beat the eggs then mix in the corn meal, water, minced chives, salt and pepper. In a large iron skillet, heat the butter or margarine until very hot. Dip the tomato slices into batter, and brown quickly on both sides. Serve hot.

Camp Fire
One of the most primitive and perhaps favorite method of cooking was stone-boiling which was done by heating stones until they were very hot then dropping them into a tightly woven basket of water or other liquid. The container did not have to be fireproof.

The Cherokees made loaves of bread using clay pottery. They poured the batter into a clay pot with another pot placed upside down over the pot with the batter. Then both pots were covered with red hot coals to bake the bread.


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