Mid-Night Kennels Home of the Gordon Setters

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Mid-Night Kennels Home of the Gordon and English Setters


Welcome to Mid-Night Kennels, owned and operated by Susan Gaddy in Muskogee, Okla. My kennel was established in 1991 with my first female gordon, "Sassy". Since that time, I discovered the wonderful world of field trialing. As a responsible breeder I plan each breeding with the goal of improving the breed, avoiding genetic defects, and producing puppies than are not only better than their parents but one step closer to the ideal Gordon Setter! Improving the breed means, more than just appearance; the standard also describes the breed in terms of temperament and hunting ability. I provide extensive written guarantees!

Susan L Gaddy

Mid-Night Sassy's Maxey
1995-1996 MWGSA Puppy of the Year
1996 North American G.S. Futurity Winner
1996-1997 MWGSA Derby of the Year

Handled by Susan Gaddy is Mid-Night Traveling Through Time (Traveler)
2-18-94 to 11-5-98
1995 North American G.S. Futurity Winner
1994-1995 MWGSA Puppy of the Year
1997-1998 James Bolton Amateur G.S. Shooting Dog Memorial Classic Winner

Remembering the good times
And the sad ones too,
Because if it weren't for all of them
I would have no memory of you.

You made this life seem hopeful
And promising in many ways,
For now that you're no longer here
It's tough to get through the days.

Life isn't the same without you
It seems everything is in disarray,
I don't know how to handle things
Since you always paved the way.

The heart you carry with you
Is the key to my success,
For my mission is to see you
And to tell you you're the best.
In memory of Traveler, Sassy,Sam and Maxey


Mid-Night Susan's Sassy
7-10-91 to 2-14-02

1992-1993 MWGSA Derby of the Year


Mid-Night Sassy's Samson

2003 Winner of the

James Bolton Amatuer Gordon Setter Shooting Dog Memorial Classic

203 Valhalla Drive Muskogee,Ok. 74403

E-mail address: midnight59@sbcglobal.net

Please contact: Susan Gaddy @ 918-683-2579 or 918-684-4188 (leave message)


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