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Clocks: A Collection

Some Clocks In My Collection

For quite a number of years, I have been trading, buying, selling and collecting antique clocks. These clocks are, for the most part, not museum quality clocks, but are affordable clocks made for the every day consumer. Each clock I collect has some unusual quality or qualities.

The pictured clock is an Ingraham Clock, made in the French Style. The clock is not pictured in any of the Ingraham Catalogs and the label identifying the model name is long gone.The case is enameled wood. Note the gigantic feet.

I’ll be changing this page and featuring a different clock on a regular basis.

It is my hope you’ll stop by often. For those of you with the time and interest, click below on “All My Clocks” and enjoy the complete collection

PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. I will answer any and all.

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