Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

Welcome to "Vampires: Fact or Fiction?". My web site is about true vampire cases and vampire history, not myths or legends. I make no claims about the exsitance of vampires, I shall leave that up to you. I have however, found lots of interesting history on vampires as well as some people who are studing vampires as part of the paranormal world.

I'm always doing more research and will continually put them up on this site. It will take time, but this web site will grow. If you have any questions, I would recommend that you post them up on the Vampire Community " Vampires Crypt ". There are many others who share your interest in vampires and may be able to answer your questions. I also recomend that you check out my web rings as they can connect you to lots of other vampire sites. Please feel free to sign my guest book, e-mail me, or post a message in the community.

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