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A Federal Constitution for the United Kingdom -
An Alternative to Devolution


Part I: Introduction;

Part II: The Constitutional Framework of Federalism;
Threefold Classification of Constitutions: A Federal Constitution is the Higher Law of the Land; Legislative Sovereignty and Federalism; Enforcement of Constitutional Restrictions;

Part III: An Examination of Leading Federal Models; The U.S. Model; The 'Commerce' Clause as a Basis for Federal Power; The 'Commerce' Clause as a Limitation on the States; The 'Necessary and Proper' Clause; The Australian Model; 'External Affairs' Power; The Canadian Model - Theory; The Canadian Model - Practice; Division of Economic Power; The Constitution Act 1982; The German Model; Division of Powers; Reserved and Other Powers; Concurrent Powers; Constitutional Theories of German Federalism, Special Features of German Federalism: (a) Doctrine of Federal Comity; (b) Co-operative Federalism; (c) Local Self-Government; Relevance of German Federalism; Conclusion;

Part IV: The Financial Relations Between the Commonwealth and the States; USA; Canada; Australia; Northern Ireland; Methods of Federal Finance: Grant System; Independent Taxation; Tax-sharing by Federal and Regional Governments; Joint Exchequer Board; Distribution of Taxes Between the Centre and the Regions; Public Debt;

Part V: Regional Disparities and the United Kingdom Federation; Statement of the Problem; Fazal Proposal on Regional Disparity; Significance of the Ten Year Period;

Part VI: Federal Treaty-Making Power and Regional Autonomy in the United Kingdom Federation; USA; Australia; Canada; Germany; Conclusions;

Part VII: Federal Distribution of Powers and Functions; General; Mines and Minerals; Trade and Commerce; Agriculture, Food and Fisheries; Labour Relations; Land and Water Use and Environmental Protection; Transport and Communications; Social Services; Education; Law, Legal Systems, Courts, Police, Law and Order and Prison; Election;

Part VIII: Concluding Observations;

Appendices: Appendix 1 - Regeneration of British Economy within a Federal Framework; Appendix 2 - Regional Policies and the European Communities; Appendix 3 - Comments on the Liberal Party Paper on Self-Government; Appendix 4 - A Federal Solution to the Irish Problem; Appendix 5 - Answers to the Questionnaire of the Indian Commission, 1984.

Review comments

"This has to be one of the most carefully thought through and rational attempts at devising a federal system for these islands [the British Isles]...If you teach Comparative Politics, point your library in this direction." - Talking Politics


Justification for the Federal Option for the British Isles
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