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Mary-Kate & Ashley Fuller Olsen

These two young girls have done so many things since they were just only six months old. They were on a familiar tv show called, "Full house" they shared roles as Michelle Tanner. The series ran for 8 years with good ratings. 

Mary-Kate and Ashley are 13 year old fraternal twins, they have different personalities and dreams. They were born on June 13/86 which means this June they turned 13 years old. They have a new tv series called Two of a kind which airs on Friday nights at 8pm As of Sept 99 it is cancelled 

There is one easy way to tell them apart Mary-Kate is smaller in body structure, she is left handed, with lighter color hair and is more serious than her sister Ashley. Ashley is 2 inches taller, right handed, darker hair, and loves to dance. My favorite of the two is Mary-Kate because she is small and I'm also a lefty. 

The twins have one other younger sister named Lizzie and an older brother named Trent. 

Mary-Kate + Ashley have their own production company which they are constantly making video's, books, movie's. They have an adventure series of video's the list is: 

  • The case of Thorn Mansion
  • The case of the Logical I ranch
  • The case of the Sea world
  • The case of the mystery cruise
  • The case of the Christmas caper
  • The case of the Fun house mystery
  • The case of the U.S space camp mission
  • The case of the Shark encounter
  • The case of the Hotel who done it?
  • The case of the U.S navy adventure
  • The case of the Volcano adventure
They also have a new serie's called your invited to Mary-Kate+Ashley's... 
  • Sleep over party
  • Hawaiian beach party
  • Christmas party
  • Birthday party
  • Camp out party
  • Ballet party
  • Costume party/LI>
  • Mall party/LI>
  • Fashion party/LI>
Also have two music video's: 
  • Our first video
  • Our music video's
They have made tv movie's and one big screen movie 
  • To Grandmothers house we go
  • Double double toil and trouble - Halloween movie
  • How the west was fun
  • It takes two
  • Billboard Dad
They also have a Michelle "Full house book series and new adventure book series.  A new Adventure book series, and Disney books/LI>

More updates to come 



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