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The Fantastic World of the Knee Fetish

Hello all you psychos. This web page is shit. I hope no one looks at it besides me close enemies. Computers are shit. God I hate computers. why wont they leave me alone. DAMNIT leave me alone! god I hate computers. they always start smoking when I show up. I am surprised I got this far on making a web page. you dont know how much I suffered through to bring you this happy news of...WAIT! I haven't explained what my happy page is about yet. Knee Fetishes! (hey if there is anyone that knows how to spell the plural of Fetish, please email me at alright. I know you guys are thinkin.. THIS IS WEIRD! but ya know what? it is weird. its the next big thing. haven't you heard? pretty soon everyone will be having knee, elbow and ankle fetishes, but YOU wont because YOU were to stupid, and YOU said this is weird. YOU will be the loner YOU will be unhappy. So I would just like to take this moment to tell all you people, look around. there are many knees. Some are ugly, some are beautiful, some are hairy, some are lumpy, some are squishy. Just enjoy yourself. stop and look at the knees.

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Animania, the coolest thing on earth!!

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