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Thank You

Dear family members, friends and medical specialists,

Words are not enough, and we are really incapable of expressing our gratitude to all of you who tried to help our mother during her time of pain and suffering. We really feel honoured and privileged to know each one of you. Kamal sent his first email request for help, and never thought that he will have such an incredible response. We received hundreds of advises for alternative healing methods, titles of books and tapes, gemstones, URLs for web pages with relevant information, reflexology charts, creative visualization methods, new medicine, addresses of professionals and medical centres ready to help, herbal teas and natural food, etc. This is of course in addition to sending distant Reiki energy. We are sure that your dedication, love, sincere efforts, prayers and the energy that she received, made her transition easier than it would have otherwise been.

Special thanks to our REIKI friends. Although they did not know or even hear of us or our mother, they tried to help each in his own way and without limits. This got Kamal, Randa and Helen on their REIKI journey, and enriched our life experience. It also made it possible to pull together an international community of healers that was and will be able to help others. 

Last year was a remarkable year in our lives, and we were really honoured to gain new dedicated and committed friends. Today we know that the world is still full of good people who really care and like to help. We were all moved by the love and dedication in which you expedited your help and support from all over the world.

We are thankful to have such a loving family and friends. You all worked so hard to help our mother through. We closely monitored the positive results and were happy to see the impact on the quality of her life.

Finally, thank you for the sincere and heartfelt words that you enriched us with in our time of grief and sorrow. God Bless you. Our thoughts go out to you and we keep you in our hearts and prayers.

If you ever need us, please give us the chance to pay you back. 

Keep in touch, because you enriched our life experience. 

On behalf of the Hazboun’s family, 

Anton, Kamal, Randa, Rula, Amal and Helen

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