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Peace My Friends

Hi friends!

Hi everyone, my name is Jenny and I live in perth Western australia

As you no doubt know by now... I LOVE John Denver

He has always been a part of my life,

and there has always been a song to suit the stage of my life I happened to be going through at the time

I amongst countless others was totally devastated when he died

I still am, I was hoping after so long I may have got over it by now

But no way!

Also on this page I have some poetry I have written for John

Also I have written a Fan fiction story about John ,It is my first attempt, so please be gentle on me.

(We should all indulge in our fantasies sometimes)

I would like to wish peace and love to every John Denver fan all over the world

and urge everyone to please carry on his words and beliefs

remember you don't have to do it all!

so please enjoy your visit to my page and please sign the guestbook

We are all friends here!

Sing with the angels

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Please click on the links below to read some of my poems!

More Poems for John

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Looking For Space

I heard today you left us, gone on to a better place

I heard you finally got your dream of flying into space

you asked so little and gave so much

you used your words to reach out and touch

I never got to meet you but yet I knew you well

I only saw you once but still I could tell

I was seeing someone special so honest and unique

someone who I knew was not afraid to speak

about the world around you the changes that you saw

if you thought we didn't listen you'd sing a little more

but now your gone you've flown away

taken on that fateful day

but of me you'll always be a part

embedded in my broken heart

Did you ever wonder what a scotsman

Wears under his kilt?

well now you know

Just so you know who is speaking to you,

here is a picture of me with my three kids!

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