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Stacy's Appalachian Trail Hike

In March of 2001, Stacy started hiking the Appalachian Trail.
We drove her down to Springer Mountain, Georgia and said goodbye.

The Appalachian Trail is about 2,160 miles long, and goes from Maine to Georgia, through 14 states.

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Over 2 thousand hikers start this long trip, and only a few hundred make it to the halfway point.
When you hike the whole thing in One season, you are called a Thru - Hiker.

The Hiker This is Stacy.

Recent email from Stacy

At the bottom of Springer Mountain is a state park and a beautiful stone archway. Arch to Approach trail

This is start of the Approach Trail.
It takes half of a day just to hike up to the top of the Mountain,
where the Appalachian Trail officially begins.
Some hikers change their minds about the Trail before they even get to the top.
We took a back road up to the top. It's an easy 1 mile from the parking lot to the Trailhead.
We hiked with Stacy to the starting point.

Stacy signs the register

A bronze plaque marks the start of the Trail, and in a compartment underneath, was a register.
Stacy signed in.

We pray for Stacy

Here we are praying for Stacy before she begins the Hike.
That's Mom, Dad, Stacy, and her friend Brian. We asked God to keep her safe on the long trip.
EEK! Stacys' hair is SO SHORT!
She had David use the barber's clippers to get it like that on morning before we left home.
There are no fancy showers on the trail, you know!

Wear your long johns!

The afternoon was warm, but ice from the rocks told the truth about March nights in the mountains.
It was not even the first day of Spring!

The long journey begins!

She was on her way!

Chunky Gal Trail Some of the side trails have really funny names.

Stacy checked out the "Chunky Gal Trail" in the Snow.

Crossing the State line!

From Georgia, hikers follow the Trail North into North Carolina . .
Here, Stacy crosses the state line.

New Friends.

It is amazing how many Hikers there are on the Appalachian Trail.
People come from all over the Country to Hike here.

Stacy goes NORTH . Click here .for more photos . . .