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Welcome to the G8SLB pages

Peter G8SLB
Hello from Peter Lockwood G8SLB, located in 'sunny' Dagenham, Essex (5 metres ASL). I have used SSTV (Slow Scan Tele-Vision) for several years, and constructed a few types of 'stand alone' scan converters now including a 'G3WCY-G4ENA' (colour version), the last being a 'clone' of the Robot 1200. Nowdays I offer my services to the Amateur, and SWL fraternity, to produce Radio interfaces for 'PC' and 'Amiga' computers, view them by clicking on the flow chart or send me an E-mail response.

Custom Interfaces Selection Guide

RTS (Serial Port) PTT Controllers also available for Soundcards

QSY to my UK Web Pages