Both members of each team bring a pre-constructed tournament legal Type 1 deck. They sit in a Teammate/Opponent staggered format. Each team vies to collectively rescue 5 lost souls.

Standard Type 1 multiplayer game rules apply with the following exceptions:
- Dominants and Lost Souls are unique per Team. To help facilitate this Teams will only be allowed to check in 1 deck per player and will need to check them in simultaneously. This will impact the use of New Jerusalem & The Second Coming as well as Son of God and Chariot of Fire as only one deck will be able to contain one card from each pair.
- Teammates share a common area of play and card types. These include Land of Bondage, Land of Redemption, Dominants and Fortress cards. The rest of the cards are unique to each player (Heroes, Evil Characters, artifact pile, draw pile, discard pile, hand) and are treated like a standard Type 1 game. Cards that reside in a shared area or on a shared card are also shared.
- Occupied sites are in the common Land of Bondage. Unoccupied sites return to the owner's territory.
- The "intro-prep phase" is used, which allows all players to put down characters, warrior-class and territory-class enhancements, fortresses, sites (and put LSs in them), and artifacts out of their original draw-8 before the first turn. The introprep takes place after it’s determined who will go first but before the first full turn of the game.
- The "2nd player draw" rule is also used meaning that only the first player to take a turn does not draw three cards to start their turn.
- When the current player makes a rescue attempt, the opponent to their left has the choice to block or to "pass the block" to their teammate.
- Whenever a card refers to an opponent it can never affect a teammate. “Opponent” can refer to either opponent unless one of the opposing players controls a character in battle, in which case that player is the opponent. A card that references a player can affect any player.
- Rescues must be initiated by the player whose turn it currently is. You cannot ask to “borrow” your teammate’s Hero to begin a rescue or battle challenge.
- Cards may be put into fortresses by either player on a team during their turn, and removed from a fortress by either player on a team during their turn.
- You cannot play enhancements on your teammate’s characters.
- Table Talk is an inevitable part of team play. It is allowed, but all discussions must be made in the open and in English.