2021 Redemption® CCG
National Tournament
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Register Even If You Are Just Planning to Attend
Pay as You Register, or Pay Later

Limited Lineage of Christ (LoC) Super packs quantities available for Booster Draft and Sealed Deck.
Booster Draft & Sealed Deck Participation priority will be given to those who pay for their events online via PayPal or Venmo or card, then those who contact Roy to pay via CashApp or GooglePay etc., then those who mail checks, then those who register online without paying yet, then regular registrants at Nats venue.

- Open Deck Categories (Type 1, Type 2, Teams, Type A) = $10 per person
- Closed Deck Categories (Sealed Deck = $20, Booster Draft = $30)
Booster/Sealed full price; any Open (T1/TA/T2/Teams) category after any of those = 1/2 price.
Click the "Donate" button below to pay tournament fees and meals in advance. PayPal account is not required. Major credit cards are also welcome using the 'Donate' button. MAKE SURE to include a message either through the donation site or by typing a comment on this form (see end of form) that reads "Paid $XX.00 for TOURNAMENT FEES and/or MEAL PLAN and/or X MEAL/S.

NOTE:  For FAMILIES/GROUPS, you MUST register EACH PLAYER individually + each NON-PLAYER individually.

1.  Pre-registering as: Individual  Family  Group (Other Than Family)


Last Name:   First Name:

Street Address:

City:   State:   Zip:

Contact Phone No:     E-mail Address:

Date of Birth - Month: Date: Year:
  Age as of 12AM August 12, 2021:

Cactus Message Board Name (if any):
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Total No. of Group Members:   No. of Players   No. of non-players:

Group Leader's Last Name: First Name:

4.  LODGING OPTIONS (Please Click Appropriate Button/s):

Need FREE Venue lodging space - HAVE own cot/airmattress.
Need FREE Venue lodging space - NEED cot/airmattress.
Will Share Nats Venue lodging room space Will Share OTHER Venue lodging room space
Number of Male/Female Room Space/s to Share:
Not sharing lodging room space

Making own lodging arrangements  

Booking a Venue Cabin
Booking a Venue Small Cottage
Booking a Venue Large Cottage
Booking Room Somewhere Else


Need Austin Airport Pickup
Need San Antonio Airport Pickup
Need Austin Amtrak Pickup
Need San Antonio Amtrak Pickup
Need Austin Greyhound Pickup
Need San Antonio Greyhound Pickup
Need Austin Megabus Pickup
Need San Antonio Megabus Pickup
Need Custom Pickup At an Address
Airline/Bus/Train Name:
Flight/Trip Number:
Pickup Date:
Pick Time:
Custom PickUp Address Only (Type Below):

***Type more info as needed in Comments Section at the bottom of this form.

6. DINING OPTIONS (Please Choose):

*No meals sold or served on Wednesday 11Aug2021
Purchasing the tournament venue $35.00 discounted complete meal plan = 8 meals from Thu breakfast to Sat lunch
Purchasing the tournament venue $5 per meal
Making own dining arrangements
Combined options above

Need Special Diet menu. Please specify in the "Comments" section at the end of this form.

7. OTHER ACTIVITIES (Please Click Appropriate Box/es):

Wish to participate in PICK-UP games

Have non-players and/or self wishing to join a tour to sights

8.  TOURNAMENT CATEGORY CHOICE (Please Choose only ONE for Each Day as Applicable):

Payment Mode: 
Online Via "Donate" Button (pls. see top of this form)
Other Payment Apps (Please Contact Me)
Mailing Check/Money Order
Will Pay At The Tourney 
*Please mail check/money order to:
Roy Cruz
PO Box 5122
2250 Double Creek Dr
Round Rock TX 78664)

Thursday: Type 1 (Multi-Player)  -OR-  Type 2 (Multi-Player)  -OR-  Booster Draft   Not Playing

Friday    : Type 1 (2 Player)   -OR-  Type 2 (2 Player)  -OR-   Type A (2 Player)     Not Playing

        *Note: Type "A" players must be 12 yrs old or younger before 12 midnight of 12 August 2021; RNRS ranking allowed.

Saturday    :  Sealed Deck  -OR-  Type 1 Teams  Not Playing

CLICK HERE for Teams Rules