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MIDIs LISTED BY SONG TITLE:( NOTE: All these midis may also be found in 'Midi Library:International MIDI' website which has downloaded from here


  • 1000 Heart-breaking Excuses
  • 1000 Hurt(Jackie Cheung)
  • A Chinese Ghost Story(Leslie Cheung)
  • Ai Bu Ai Wo(sequenced by Mel Ofrecio)
  • Ai De Chu Tie Yan(Cheung Zheng Yu)- sequenced by Mel Ofrecio.
  • Ai Ni Ai Dao(Coco Lee)
  • Ai Ni Yuan Niyen (Part Of The Game 4.55)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Ai Piah Chia Eh Yah (Hokkien)(Without Melody)
  • Ai Ren(Teresa Teng)
  • Ai Shang (without melody)(Thanks to Melvin)
  • Ai Shang (Fast)-(without melody)(Thanks to Melvin)
  • Ai Siang Sui
  • All I Care About Is You(Teresa Teng)
  • Always Faithful(Teresa Teng)
  • Ang Ting Be Tau(Hokkien Song)
  • Answer Me(Coco Lee)
  • Applause(Teresa Teng)
  • Bad Boy(A-Mei)
  • Bad Boy (without melody)(A-Mei)- Thanks to Melvin
  • Blessings(Jacky Chong)
  • Blue Sky(A-Mei)
  • Bored(Faye Wong)
  • Chase(Leslie Cheung)
  • Chi Oo Koo Twa Pwoa Wah (Hokkien)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Chinese New Year Medley(Hou Shing Nien & Gongxi-gongxi)-Sequenced by Harun Ahmad.
  • CHINESE SONG(Teresa Teng)- by Hotlips.
  • Chu Kang (without melody)(Thanks to Melvin)
  • Cutting Love(A-Mei)
  • Dai Dei(Beyond)
  • Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu(Teresa Teng)
  • Don't Say Goodbye(A-Mei)
  • God of Wealth Arrives(Cantonese)
  • Golden Snake Dance(Chinese New Year)
  • Gong Xi Gong Xi(Happy New Year Song 2)
  • Chinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year 2
  • Chinese New Year Medley
  • Chinese New Year Medley 2
  • Chinese New Year Medley 3
  • Dan Yuan Ren Chang Jiu(Teresa Teng)
  • Easily Hurt Lady(Faye Wong)
  • Easy Hurt Women(Faye Wong)
  • Eternal Life(Faye Wong)
  • Eyes On Me(Faye Wong)
  • Flowing Away Like Water(Leslie Cheung)
  • Great Wall(Beyond)
  • Hai Yun(Teresa Teng)
  • Happy Together(Leslie Cheung)
  • He Chia Cham(Hokkien Song)
  • Hong Ching Tao (Hokkien)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • How Will I Miss You
  • Huang Hon (Without Melody)
  • I Love You
  • In This Life(Leslie Cheung)
  • Ji Shao Ha You Ni(Sandy Lam)- sequenced by Christopher Barker Alfon
  • Kam Cip Puei(Hokkien Song)
  • Kao Shang Shin (Mt.Ali)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Kiss Goodbye (Wen Pie)(Jacky Cheung)
  • Lang Ke Yaw Kyo (Hokkien)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Lei De Xiao Yu(Teresa Teng)
  • Lemon Tree(Tracy Su)
  • Long Ce E Sin Cing(Hokkien Song)
  • Long Si (Without Melody)- Hokkien(Thanks to Donna)
  • Long Shi Wi Tiu Li D (Hokkien)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Love You Deep Deep
  • Lover's Clothing(Teresa Teng)
  • Lover's Shirt(Teresa Teng)
  • Lover's Tears(Teresa Teng)
  • Merry X'mas(Aaron Kwok)
  • Never(Sammi Cheng)
  • Night Fragrance(Teresa Teng)
  • Ni Yao De Ai(Penny Dai Pei Ni)
  • Ong So Tiyo Shi Wa Ang Wiy (Hokkien)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Only If Have Me In Your Heart(Teresa Teng)
  • Pang Yaw(Cantonese)(Thanks to Romeo)
  • Pang You(Cao Meng)
  • Peng You(Emil Chow/Zhou Hua Jian)
  • Phang Yao (Cantonese)(Thanks to Mercury)
  • Pu Huo (Faye Wong)
  • Qian Nu You Hun(Leslie Cheung)
  • Qian Yan Wan Yu(Teresa Teng)
  • Qing Ren
  • Quan Lai You Ni(Leslie Cheung)
  • Release(A-Mei)
  • Restlessness(Faye Wong)
  • Rhythm Of The Sea(Teresa Teng)
  • Sea Sky(Beyond)
  • Sea Sky 2(Beyond)- Sequenced by Josephine.
  • Sea Sky 3 (Without melody)(Beyond)- Thanks to Romeo.
  • Sea Sky 4 (Without melody)(Beyond)- Thanks to Marvin.
  • Sea Sky 5 (Without melody)(Beyond)- Thanks to Marvin.
  • Sally Yeh Selection(Sally Yeh)
  • Shanghai Tan (Beach)
  • Shanghai Tan(Without Melody)
  • Shanghai Tan 2(Frances Yip)
  • Shanghai Tan(Andy Lau)
  • Shooting Star(Faye Wong)
  • Short Hair(Gigi Leung)
  • Shui Lai Ai Wo(Teresa Teng)
  • Sian Siang (Without Melody)
  • Siaw Wei (Fast)- (without melody)(Thanks to Melvin)
  • Sing Mong Qing Zhen(Kelly Chan)
  • Sister(A-Mei)
  • Small Town Story(Teresa Teng)
  • Special Love For Special You
  • Stand By Me(Anita Mui)
  • Starting From Zero(Leslie Cheung)
  • Su Su Liam liam
  • Sweetness(Teresa Teng)
  • Tan Bo Lan(Hokkien Song)
  • The Moon Represents My Heart(Teresa Teng)
  • The Moon Represents My Heart 2 (without melody)(Thanks to Donna)
  • Tian Mi Mi(Teresa Teng)
  • Tian Mi Mi 2(Teresa Teng)
  • Thousands Of Words(Teresa Teng)
  • True Love(Jacky Cheung)
  • Wishing You A Happy New Year
  • Wan Nian Hong(Chinese New Year)
  • Wang Qing Shui(Andy Lau)
  • Wei Tao(without melody)(Thanks to Melvin)
  • Wen Pie(Jacky Cheung)
  • When Will You Return(Teresa Teng)
  • Where Is My Lover(Teresa Teng)
  • Who Will Love Me?(Teresa Teng)
  • Who Would Echo With Me(Leslie Cheung)
  • Wo He Ni(Teresa Teng)
  • Wo Yuen Yi(Faye Wong)- sequenced by Christopher Barker Alfon
  • Wo Yuan Yi(Faye Wong)
  • Wu Sing Shanghai(Alex Tu)
  • Wu Xin Shanghai(Alex Toh)
  • Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui(Sally Yeh)
  • Xiao Wei(Without Melody)
  • Xin Nian Hao(Happy New Year)
  • Xin Nian Xi Yang Yang(Chinese New Year)
  • Xin Tai Ruan
  • Xuan Ze(Sally Yeh/George Lam)
  • Yau Sum Yan (Man of Intention)(Leslie Cheung)
  • Ye Lai Siang(Teresa Teng)
  • You And I(Teresa Teng)
  • You Happy So I Happy(Faye Wong)
  • You Shei Gong Ming(Leslie Cheung)
  • Zai Shui Yi Fang(Teresa Teng)


  • Addicted To You(Utada Hikaru)
  • Aoi Usagi(Noriko Sakai)
  • Automatic(Utada Hikaru)
  • Autumn Maple Leaf(Teresa Teng)
  • Can You Keep A Secret(Utada Hikaru)
  • Distance(Utada Hikaru)
  • Eternally(Utada Hikaru)
  • Final Distance(Utada Hikaru)
  • First Love(Utada Hikaru)
  • For You(Utada Hikaru)
  • Give Me A Reason(Utada Hikaru)
  • Hikari(Utada Hikaru)
  • Koibitoyo (without melody)(Thanks to Jhojo)
  • Lonely Day(Noriko Sakai)
  • Love Letter(Noriko Sakai)
  • Meeting You(Teresa Teng)
  • Moving On Without You(Utada Hikaru)
  • Music(Matsu Takako)
  • Nagasaki Wa Kyoumo Amedata(Teresa Teng)
  • Nagisa(Noriko Sakai)
  • Never Let Go(Utada Hikaru)
  • Noriko(Noriko Sakai)
  • Pay Back(Teresa Teng)
  • Sayonara(Leon Lai)
  • Spring(Matsu Takako)
  • Subaru(Teresa Teng)
  • Sukiyaki(Kyu Sakamoto)
  • Sukiyaki 2(Kyu Sakamoto)
  • Sukiyaki 3(Kyu Sakamoto)
  • Sukiyaki 4(Kyu Sakamoto)
  • Time Limit(Utada Hikaru)
  • Tokino Nagare Ni Miwo Makase(Teresa Teng)
  • Ureshi Namida (Happy Tears)(Noriko Sakai)
  • Umbrella(Noriko Sakai)
  • Wait And See(Utada Hikaru)
  • White Girl(Noriko Sakai)
  • Wing(Matsu Takako)


  • Answer The Phone(Chona Pada)-Korean(Sequenced by Jeffrey Mutya)
  • Change(Baby Vox)
  • Cyberlover(Turbo)
  • Dreams Come True(Ses)
  • Goodbye(Turbo)
  • I'm Your Girl(Ses)
  • Love Love(Bijou)
  • Missing You(Baby Vox)
  • Nobody(Wonder Girls)-(Sequenced by Jeffrey Mutya)
  • Oh My Love(Ses)
  • Run To You(DJ Doc)
  • Saranuro(Thanks to Eileen Duran)
  • Touch Me(Koyote)
  • Winter Sonata
  • Winter Sonata 2 (From The Beginning)
  • World Cup Song(Clon)


  • Abo Da Bae(Tata Young)
  • Bai Mai
  • Ban Sai Tong
  • Chan Rak Ter(Tata Young)
  • I Love You(Tata Young)
  • Khow Mun Kai
  • Mae Kun (Oh My Dear)(Joey Boy)
  • Mai Ruk Tua Eng(Tata Young)
  • Proongnee(Tata Young)
  • Rak Thuer
  • Reach For The Star(Tata Young)
  • Rob Guan Ma Ruk Gun(Tata Young)
  • Ruk Te Dai Mai(Tata Young)
  • Sabai Sabai(Feeling Good)
  • Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy (without melody)(Tata Young)- Thanks to Ting Galacgac.
  • Sexy, Naughty,Bitchy (Short)(Tata Young)
  • Shot(Tata Young)
  • Snake(Tata Young)
  • Sorn Mai Jum Tum _Ta Lord(Tata Young)
  • Thai National Song
  • Thai New Year Song
  • Varn Jai (Sweet Heart)(Tata Young)
  • Waarn Jai(Tata Young)
  • Yar Kriad Gun(Tata Young)
  • Ying Rak


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