fantails and other tales
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This page is for one of the great show breeds, the Fantail, the Queen of the fancy. This little bird first caught my eye at the NPA Grand Nationals in Houston, Texas, in 1978. This is where I met Gordon Larson, one of the great Fantail breeders in my time. What really caught my eye was how these little gems could walk and keep there heads deep in the pocket, what a show bird.
This page is not dedicated for any Club or any Breeder but for the celibatation of the Fantail. Even after saying this, the 5th district of the Central Fantail Club is the group of Fantail Breeders we associate some of our times with. We also are members of the Dixie Fantail Club, The Mid America Fantail Club, and the Great Lakes Fantail Club.
Tricia is very active in the breeding and showing of the self fantails while I am working on the pied marked Saddles. The bird to the right is one of Tricias Powder Silvers [dilute milky blue].

This is photo that I took at the Lancaster NPA Grand Nationals in Jan., 1997. The Judge is Gary Bronson from Delta, Ohio with Bob McKee turning the birds for the Judge. This was a class of Blue young cocks.

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