Announcing Red's Webpiece of Ferrets
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Announcing Red's Webpiece

Announcing Red's Webpiece

Welcome to Red's Little Piece of the Web. I have decided to make a page devoted to ferrets due to the many misconceptions I still hear about the little critters. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find Care tips and many wonderful links. On the second page are many great webrings that I belong to.

The public as a whole is very misinformed about the domestic ferret. Unfortunately, this has lead to the killing of many innocent ferrets. Either by local humane shelters euthanizing lost or abandoned ferrets when they come in (due to low ferret resources, uneducation about ferrets & rabies, etc.) or by people finding them in their backyards and garages and not knowing enough about them to feel safe when they are around.

Another major problem with ferrets is the fact that many people buy them on an impulse because they see them as exotic and feel they would be neat to show off to friends, then, when the novelty of the ferret wears off, they dump the poor critters.

Two states, California and Hawaii, still have laws against having domestic ferrets as pets. They are afraid that if enough ferrets were to get loose in the wild, they would breed prolifically. This would be a very valid fear if it could be proven that the average domestic ferret could sustain itself in the wild for any substantial length of time, however, this doesn't seem to be the case. (I must note, however, that I can understand Hawaii's caution since they do have a closed ecosystem. Any newly introduced species that gets out of control could be disastrous.)

Whether California & Hawaii like or not, they DO have many ferret owners that live in their state now and they DO NOT have domestic ferret population problems in the wild. Unfortunately, a ferrets curiosity tends to get the better of him/her when not supervised. This, mixed with the fact that they have not been taught how to feed or hide in the wild, make the chances for a ferret surviving in the wild for any length of time very slim.

My Ferrets

It has been several years since I made this webpage, and all of my ferrets have passed on (cancer, in one form or another), but I have this page up in their memory. I spent numerous wonderful years with my ferrets and miss them all, more than words can describe.