Depths of Genom, Part II

Depths of Genom
Part II

Yes, I'm finally continuing this thing.  At this rate I'll have it half done before Y2K destroys
it ^_~

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[The Next Day]

   As Ortiz entered Chairman Quincy's office once again, he was far more nervous that he
was just 24 hours before.   He wasn't worried about what would happen if he failed.  He
knew with a dull ache in the pit of his stomach that he had failed, and that Quincy held his
life in his gnarled hands.

  "Ortiz," Quincy started, "just what happened last night?".
  "Well sir, um" Ortiz responded slowly, "well, that is"

  "Get on with it" Quincy snapped.

  "Yes sir, well, it seems that the Neptune prototype was prevented from taking care of Dr.
Yamata by the, um, Knight Sabers sir". Ortiz said quietly.

  "I thought that boomer was supposed to be indestructible" responded Quincy in a low,
quiet voice that shook Ortiz more than the loudest shout could have ever done.

  "Well, sir, as you know, when Dr. Yamata agreed to build that boomer for us, it was
under false pretenses.  He didn't expect it to face combat conditions, so he didn't EMP
shield it.  Evidently, the Knight Sabers learned this and hit it with a broad band burst of 
EM-energy.  That locked up the internal systems, disabling the boomer."

  "I see", responded Quincy.  "Well, can this be fixed?".

  Ortiz thought about his answer and said "Yes, it can, it will take a few days to modify the
prototype, but it should not be terribly difficult".

  Quincy accepted that and after a moments contemplation said "Very well, get to work,
and I hope for your sake that you didn't overlook any more minor details on this project. 
You may leave now."
  As Ortiz left, Quincy took a folder off his desk "Operation Blizzard".

[That Night]

   Sylia and Fargo sat in a booth at one of the trendiest dance clubs in Mega-Tokyo. 
"Sylia" Fargo began, "why don't we discuss this out on the floor.  With all the noise, no
one would hear what we have to say".
  "I don't have patience for your games tonight Fargo" Sylia snapped a bit more crossly
than Fargo was used to.

   Fargo smiled a rueful smile and said "Well, it seems you are never in the mood for my
  "Then why do you insist on continuing them, now get on with it.  Did you get the
information I asked for?" Sylia asked.

  "Very well," Fargo began "I believe you may know him, he was a graduate assistant on
your Father's team in the early days, leaving about 2 months before your Father's death."

  Sylia responded "I know that, he left because he wasn't sure about the direction of
boomer research.  He was afraid it would become corrupted and used for warfare and
crime.  He got better offer and went to teach in Osaka"

  "If you know so much, why did you ask me for this information?" Fargo asked.

  "Well, that's really the last I heard of him. I'm not ever sure if he made it down to Father's
funeral.  I have no idea what's he's been doing since then" Sylia replied.

  "Ah, well, he continued to teach advanced biomechanical engineering at Osaka until
about 2 years ago.  I wasn't able to find much about his personal life.  He never seems to
have married.  The only thing notable was an obsession with Oceanography, and Sea Floor
Geology.  Two years ago he just seemed to disappear.  I haven't been able to find any
information since then."  Fargo said.

  "I see" said Sylia, even as she got up, leaving a bill to cover the drinks and a tip for the

[Later that Night, Sylia's Apartment]

  Sylia, Linna and Priss were sitting on the couch drinking tea when Nene slouched into the
room, and collapsed into a chair.  "What a night!" she said.  "I can't believe how many calls
there were tonight.  Call after call after call.  There were 27 separate boomer related
incidents tonight"

  "Yeah, but why are you tired, it's not like you went and did anything about it" Priss
cracked.  "All you did was sit on your tail and tell others were to go".  

  "You try keeping track of 6 and 7 teams of officers at a time, all night without a break"
Nene responded tiredly.  

  Sylia broke into the conversation "How serious were the incidents then, Nene?  Could we
have helped?"

  Nene answered. "Not really,  none of them were all that serious.  They were all those
cheap boomers like we faced at the warehouse last night.  No one got hurt, it's just that
everyone was run ragged going back and forth across town all night".

  "Nene, speaking of injuries, how is Daley?" Linna asked.

  "Not too bad, he's a bit banged up is all. He's already out of the hospital and should be
back at work in a week or two.  The Detectives still haven't been able to figure out why
those combat-grade boomers jumped the convoy last night though"

  "Probably to keep them from getting at that boomer we faced last night.  Whoever built
that thing is doing everything they can to keep it a secret." Sylia speculated.  "Well, all of
you should go home.  I have a feeling we will need all the rest we can get.  This is only
going to get worse."

  As the ladies left, Sylia went downstairs to check on Mackie.  "So, have you made any
progress Mackie?"  Mackie was kneeling down next to a tube, with wires and tubes sticking
out of it.  It was about 4 meters long, and was attached to a variety of diagnostic gear.

  "Not much" Mackie replied.  "We still have the same problem.  It works well enough, but
only once.  The amount of power that we are cycling through it just fries all the circuitry
after one use."

  "Well, keep at it, I have a bad feeling we are going to need it sooner than later.  Good
night Mackie".

[Still Later]

   Sylia sat alone in her bedroom and poured herself her 4th brandy of the night.  "Father,
if you had known what your invention would come to, would you still have made them? 
Now, Dr. Yamata is back, another link to the past.   Will it ever end?"

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