The Blizzard: A Story of the AD Police

Authors Note:  This is the very long delayed sequal to my story the “Depths of
Genom”.  However, while Depths was very much a Bubblegum Crisis Fanfic, this
story is more of an AD Police Fanfic.  Not that it has characters from the AD
Police OAV series, but that it focuses on a member of the ADP and her attempts
to deal with the world of Mega Tokyo.  As always, Bubblegum Crisis, AD Police,
and their world are all property of Artmic.  Feel free to email me back with any
constructive commentary.

Blizzard Part One: North Wind Blowing

   In the early morning hours, the quiet of a small apartment in Shinjuku was
shattered by the persistant and annoying buzz of an alarm clock.  Wearily, AD
Police Deputy Inspector Akane Hayubasa rolled over in bed and turned off the
alarm.  It was time to begin another day.  As she pulled her aching body out of
bed, she could feel all over herself that the night had not been near long
enough.  Once again, the peace of Mega Tokyo had been split asunder by Boomer
Rampages.  Her team had put down 3 separate boomer incidents before she was able
to finally return home and go to bed after 3:00 am.  Now, it was time to get up
and face another day.  She groaned as she looked at the alarm clock and saw that
nice, bright, cheery 6:30 flashing at her.

  She crawled out of bed and found her way into the bathroom  As she slowly,
painfully, stepped into her shower, she could not help but look down at her
chest, where she had a large, ugly purple bruise across her lower ribcage, where
she had been struck by a piece of debris in the last fight.  However, she did
not let herself dwell on that pain, as she know that some in her team had taken
far worse injuries than that, though thankfully, no one had been killed.  She
turned her back to the shower, and let the hot water roll across her back,
comforting and relaxing her aching, rebellious muscles.  “How much longer can
this go on?” she mused, as the hot water worked it’s wonders once again.
  About an hour later, Inspector Hayubasa found herself in the the office of the
Chief of the AD Police.  As often as she met the man, she could not help but
reflect how ill prepared he was for his job.  He was a political appointee,
whose main goal in life seemed to be keeping Genom happy and the Diet appeased.

  “Inspector” he started “I don’t understand.  You yourself have said that most
of these boomers we have been fighting are nothing more than old general service
boomers, and that our men should be well able to take care of them.  Yet, our
efficiency in dealing with them is going down every night.”

    Hayubasa wanted to scream back at the man “Of course it’s going down! The
men are exhausted, every night it’s the same thing for 3 weeks!”, but she knew
that this political lackey would ignore her if she took that tack.  Instead, she
tried a different approach “Well sir, what you are saying is true, but I think
it would be better if we focused on keeping these boomers off the streets to
begin with, instead of trying to stop them once they get loose.”

    The chief had a slightly annoyed look on his face, but then said “Well,
good, good, because that is exactly your new assignment.  I want you to
investigate where this rash of boomers is coming from.”

    Hayubasa was stunned, not only that the chief was making sense, but also
that she was being given the job.  She worked hard, and she knew she was a good
investigator, but she also knew that she was not one of the glamour boys or
girls of the ADP.  She did not have Leon McNichol’s rougish charm, and she
certainly knew that she was no bathing beauty.  In fact, it was a constant
struggle for her to pass the ADP physical every year, as she could never keep
her weight down to what it was supposed to be.  While that shouldn’t make much
difference, with this Chief, image was everything.  He liked to put his people
on TV to get good publicity, and well, she knew she just didn’t fit his image of
the ADP.

   Even as she thought these things though, she knew why she was being put in
charge.  Leon had once again been shuffled off to a dead end investigation out
of town.  Hayubasa always thought of Leon as being a bit cocky and self assured,
but she also recognized his skill as an investegator.  However, he was if
anything, even more talented at making the powers that be angry with him.  He
had especially proven to be an annoyance to Genom over the years  Since this
investigation was likely to lead to Genom’s doorstep, Leon was probably a bad

  Ah, Genom, she thought bitterly.  Savior of the world, and demon of the world.
It was only through their introduction of “cyberdroids” or more properly
“boomers” that the city of MegaTokyo had been able to rise from the rubble of
Tokyo after the Second Kanto Quake.  However, they were as much demon as angel.
Like the corperations back in the days of the “Bubble Economy” of the late
1980’s, Genom was the real government.  She often thought that the old phrase
from the United States “Government for the People, Of the People and By the
People” should be “Government For Genom, Of Genom and By Genom” in modern Japan.

   As she mused on these thoughts, the Chief droned on and on, about how
important it would be not to step on peoples toes and the like.  Finally though
he concluded by saying “Now, since Inspector McNichol is out of town, Inspector
Daley will have tactical control of our teams overnight.  Your primary
responsibility will be this investigation, but you will be on call.  Now,

  At that very moment, another meeting was taking place, at the Genom Tower.
Chairman Quincy was meeting with his chief subordinate Madigan.  “Well, Madigan,
progress report on Operation Blizzard?  After the Project Neptune debacle, we
cannot afford another failure.”

   Madigan answered, “The project is moving ahead according to schedule.  Boomer
incidents are up almost 325% over the last 2 months.  Our Public Image teams are
preparing for step 2 of the campaign.  Also, word has come down that the AD
Police is finally launching an investigation into these incidents.  Our men have
already been briefed on how to steer this investigation.”

   “Excellent.  Proceed as planned.”