Harry Potter and all of it's Characters and settings belong to JK Rowling
Author: Ashtur an'Vangan
Email: Ashtur_anvangan@yahoo.com

How did I come to be here? I mean, sure, it's the closest thing to
home I've had these last few years, but still…   These  last few days are a
blur, but even so, it seems like only a few seconds that I was engulfed by
that green light,  but now here I stand again at the gates
of Hogwarts.

It's strange, not to have to have the gates opened. Without thought,
without effort I just glide through the door as if it were not there. There
standing before me though is the Fat Friar. Yes, he is the ghost of
Hufflepuff, and we were always friendly, but now it's different. His
face is not its usual mask of joy, but is instead somber, and a long  look
between us shares so much. He's right though, I can be here, I must
be here, but I can't show myself, the pain is too raw for them, and
probably for me.

The dining hall is full, and it looks like the closing feast. I
can't tell who won though. I mean, without the Quidditch games, it
wasn't going to be a real championship anyway, but all the banners
aren't Slytherin Green, or Gryffindor red and gold, the only colors
they ever seem to be, but black, a deep somber black. Could this be
for me?

I can see old Headmaster Dumbledore talking. He seems terribly sad tonight.
He holds up his cup in a toast, and as I look down from near the
roof, his eyes somehow seem to reach up to me, and give the faintest

I look around again, and there at the Ravenclaw table is Cho. She's
crying. You know that was the only real victory I ever won from Potter.
But, when I go down to wipe the tears from her eyes with my thumb,
she shivers and she's crying all the more. I wish I could show
myself, to somehow hold her one last time, but I know I should not...
cannot… must not.

I can't stand to look at her any more.. it's just too painful.
Speaking of pain, there's Harry. I guess that look in his eyes is
what they call the thousand  mile stare. I bet he blames himself. If I
had just taken the cup like I should have, then I'd still be this
way, but no one would know why, or how, or what it means. Harry's a
good kid. It's amazing, with all the fame he has that he's kept his

Then there's the Slytherin table. They don't seem too upset about
the news. That Malfoy twit actually seems to be gloating. Of
course, I know his dad was there, I remember that much. Looking at
it from this side, well I hope he learns in time. Judgment is
coming for everyone, like it or no. He may be a twit, a jerk and a
general pain, but if he walks his father's path, I don't wish that
kind of judgemnt on anyone.

Well, I think the dinner is breaking up. I guess I may as well
find something to do, I have lots of time on my hands. I'm Cedric
Diggory, the latest ghost of Hufflepuff.