Forsena Survivor:

Narrator:  We stranded 8 people from different parts on Forsena on a tropical island with only one rule: they can’t kill each other.  Every 3 days, the tribe will come together and vote who to remove from the island.  The last survivor will win $1,000,000

From New Almekia: Meleagant, a somewhat frustrated former crown prince.

From Leonia:  Baleen, a willful archer.

From Caerleon: Bilcock, a budding inventor.

From Norgard Brangein, a tempermental royal princess.

From Iscalio: Ulster, a bishop

From New Alemekia: Gilsus, a real ladies man.

From Leonia: Langebourg, a self professed intellectual

And finally,  Cortina, a traveling dancer.

****opening scene, of the 8 dragging their raft inland with more annoying voice over.

***on the beach.

Meleagant: Well, since I’m the strongest one here, it’s obvious that I should be in charge.  Lets set our camp up over there  *points to a spot shaded by some trees*

Brangein:  What do you mean you should be in charge!  You think that just because you are a man, you are the only worthy one to be in charge here!  No matter where I go, it’s the same thing.

Meleagant: Now, listen here little girl, I’m telling you that I should be in charge.

Langebourg:  Now, now, both of you, isn’t it obvious that I should be the one in charge?  I mean, I am obviously the only one here who is intelligent enough to lead our tribe you know.

Brangein and Meleagant: SHUT UP TWIT!

***cut scene

**cut to a scene of Bilcock working on some weird thing of limbs and branches and fronds
Bilcock: Ah, my super air mover will make our stay on the island here most pleasant.  Even on the most still day, we will have a pleasant breeze.

*cut to Ulster “I just can’t understand what Bilcock is trying to do…”

**cut to scene later of his contraption being torn apart by a mild ocean breeze


1 on 1 with Baleen:  Well, I guess these people are ok, sort of.  Well, heck, they are all a bunch of   *bleep*.   But the worst has got to be Gilsus, oh, he is just so sure that he’s God’s gift to women.

**cut to scene Gilsus and Baleen
“Hey, we don’t need to sleep in the community tent tonight my dear, I found a wonderful little nook back in the jungle.  Lets say that you and I go back there and enjoy the evening”
*Baleen rares back  and slaps Gilsus and stomps off.

*back to the 1 on 1 with Baleen* But, then again, we women have got to stick together anyway.

**cut to Baleen, Cortina and Brangein: “Hey, you genius writing this!  Yeah, we mean you! What’s the big idea of making us be outnumbered!”

*back to Baleen
Of course, even we ladies have our disagreements now and then.

**Baleen and Brangein
Brangein: Hey, I shoot a bigger arrow!
Baleen: But mine is more accurate!

1 on 1 with Ulster:
Oh, actually, this has been a fairly pleasant vacation for me so far  **his voice continues as they show a scene of Meleagant, Langebourg and Brangein still arguing over who should be in charge.**  I mean, you think this is chaotic, I look at it as being a little slice of heaven. I haven’t been this relaxed in years.  This is nothing like home.

1 on 1 with Langebourg
Well, I’m not actually all that impressed with the rest of my tribe.  I mean, Meleagant, he’s just a big muscle head, and well none of the others even approaches my superior intellect.  Bilcock, I mean, the poor kid tries, but he should just give up.  Of course, if I wanted to, I could get his inventions to work, but why should I make him look good?

*cut to scene of Bilcock releasing an automated fish-catcher, which just goes out into the lagoon… and keeps going… and going… and going…

****Day 2
**show b/w film of the night before. Cortina in front of the fire, dancing her heart out.

*later that day
Gilsus: Hey, Cortina, lets say that you and I go off into the jungle and get better acquainted.
Cortina: No thank you.
Gilsus: ah, c’mon baby, I know what you dancers are like, so you don’t need to play hard to get.
Cortina: 1….2….3…KICK!
**Gilsus eyes get wide and nearly pop out of his head…

1 on 1 with Meleagant
I don’t know what’s wrong with this rabble, I need to get them whipped into shape, that’s for sure.
*show scene of Meleagant trying to tell Brangein how to tie shelter posts, she just drops the posts on his foot and storms away*
I mean.  We really do need to be organized in this, and it’s obvious that I am the best to do that.  I mean, I was born and bred to be a leader, at least until that sniveling little punk… oh, never mind.

1 on 1 with Bilcock (but he’s still working with his next invention as he talks)
They really don’t give me enough credit here, you know that.  I mean, when I get my inventions working, this island will be more comfortable than even the royal palace in Logres.

Bilcock?  That ninny? He hasn’t done one decent piece of work since he got here.  It’s always “ooh, this invention will do this, this invention will do that”.  I will admit though, the look on his face when his fish catcher went out to sea was pretty funny.

Bilcock? Seems like a nice enough kid, but he needs to learn to appreciate the finer things in life, a well formed face, shapely legs, a well rounded bos… er, you get the idea.

***commercial break

Day 3

Brangien and Baleen are out walking, when they see the “island mail”.
  ** For a good dinner look up
        but how to bring it down?
          For the winner will be milk and more
            The others fate is more unsure.

Brangein:  Now what?
Baleen: Who knows…

Narrator: Well, we have come to our first immunity challenge.  It’s a fairly simple one.  You see these 8 coconut trees. The first one to get their coconut down to the ground will win. The only rule is that you can’t use your battle weapons to do it.

Survivors ready! BEGIN!!

Brangein begins to lob rocks at the coconut, trying to dislodge it
Ulster, Baleen, Cortina, Gilsus and Langebourg try to climb their tree, with only Cortina making any real progress.

Bilcock runs off and starts making some sort of doo-hicky.

Meleagant walks up to his tree, casts “curse” and the entire tree is ashes in front of him but the coconut is lying there on the ground…. Roasted but on the ground.

Narrator: and Meleagant wins!
**everyone else** but you said we couldn’t use our weapons!
Narrator: I never said you couldn’t use magic.
**Cortina does the old *wow I coulda had a V-8* bit

Narrator: Now, Meleagant, you not only win the coconut or what’s left of it, but also this  *lays out a full course meal of roast deer, sweet potatoes, green beans, apple pie and his choice of wine or ale*.  Now, it’s up to you, but, if you want, you can have someone join you for this feast.

Meleagant: Why would I do that?

***a bit later
*Gilsus comes up to Brangein.  “Hey, Brangie baby, you know, we have that big meeting tonight, why don’t we go somewhere and relax before the meeting?”
*Brangien stuffs his head into the hollow of a tree.

***Commercial Break

Council Meeting

Narrator:  Now, I want to remind you all of how this works.  Whoever recieves the most votes of this group will be the first to be thrown off the island.  Remember you can’t vote for Meleagant.  Now, please cast your votes.

Melagant:   I was going to vote for the mouthy wench, but Bilcock has just got to go… I can’t take a nap with all his noise going on.

Brangien:  (comments not shown)

Bilcock: I’ll show him he’s not smarter than me! *writes down Langebourg*

Ulster:  (comments not shown)

Cortina: Who do you think?  *Gilsus*

Baleen: (comments not shown)

Langebourg (comments not shown)

Gilsus:  Bilcock is just too childish to remain here with all these lovely ladies.

Narrator: I will now tally the votes.
1 for Bilcock
1 for Gilsus
1 for Gilsus   *Gilsus looks like he’s in shock*
1 for Langebourg  *looks annoyed*
1 for Gilsus  *pale*
1 for Bilcock
1 for Bilcock
1 for Bilcock

**Bilcock brings his torch over for the sappy ceremony, looking like he’s gonna bawl. He walks off the into the jungle.

Final Commercials

Close Credits:
List of votes:  Bilcock: [Meleagant, Ulster, Langebourg, Gilsus].   Gilsus: [Cortina, Baleen, Brangien].  Langebourg: [Bilcock]

**final scene in close credits… Bilcock’s fish catcher comes back to the darkened beach, bursting with fresh fish