Musings of a Cluttered mind

Greetings, the is the entryway to the clutter that is my head.

A word of Introduction. I am known around the web under a slew of names, but the most common is Ashtur an'Vangan. Ashtur an'Vangan is from a book I once thought about writing.

Cheers! When watching your favorite anime, have you ever thought "I wonder what it would be like to live there?". Well, I'm here to tell ya it's not all fun and games. In fact, there is a very real downside to it. So, check it out.

The downside of living in the world of anime.

Do you play the game Stars? Have you ever wished you could play and not take 3 months to play by email? Then it's time to try Blitz Stars. Take a look at my introduction to Stars! blitz. Updated 9-15-01
An intro to Stars! blitz

Like many, I am an aspiring writer. So far, I've written very little, but look if you dare. My Fiction
NEW! Bubblegum Crisis fic added 2/14/2000

I have also begun to create a fictional world "Panthelia". Take a look at what I have so far. [Last Panthelia update- 8-11-2000]

My Favorite Links

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