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OologahQ's Fallout Page
    Welcome to my Fallout page. I hope you find it enjoyable and entertaining. If you don't know about Fallout it is an awesome computer RPG created by Interplay set in a post-nuclear war enviorment. If you have comments or suggestions about my page please e-mail me . Also please e-mail me if any of my information is incorrect or if I am missing an item on  on one of my sections.

Character Creation Section
NPC Info Section
Quest Help Section
Weapons Section
Armor Section
Fallout Links

Character Creation Section
    The default characters in Fallout leave a bit to be desired. It is possible to win with them but you are better off creating your own character. When creating a character you need to always keep in mind what kind of weapons your character will be using. Probably 2 of your 3 tag skills should be spent on weapon skills. Small guns is always a good choice because of the variety of weapons it allows you to use. Big guns allows you to use some powerful area of effect weapons later in the game such as the flamethrower and rocket launcher. Energy weapons is very useful later in the game when you get your hands on the turbo plasma rifle. It is much easier to play the game with guns than with melee weapons. Ammo is plentiful so there is really no reason to use melee weapons except for the pure enjoyment of bashing a hole through a mole rat's head or knocking a mutant's torso in two. I suggest taking either small guns and energy weapons or melee weapons and energy weapons as your two choices. Only try melee weapons if you have already beaten the game though. The third skill to tag is your choice. Although lockpick and steal will help you get better items early on in the game in the late game science and repair are incredibly useful.
    Another aspect of character generation is traits. Even though it lowers your skill points I almost always choose gifted. The extra point on every attribute is incredibly helpful and you can always increase the skills you absolutely need with books. Bloody mess is a fun trait to choose because you get to see the bloodiest way every creature can die. However it is not particularly useful. Most of the traits will help you in certain situations but will hinder you in others so it is really your choice whether or not to use them and which ones to use.
    Finally, before you set foot outside of the vault to explore the desolate wasteland you must assign your points to attributes. I always find it useful to add 2 points to dexterity, 1 to strength, and 2 to perception. You also can pretty safely take 1 point off your charisma if you chose gifted and put it on something else. Keep in mind this assignment of points is best for a character who will use guns, if you plan on using melee weapons you should adjust your point distribution accordingly.
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NPC Info Section
    This section is devoted to how to get the various NPCs in the game to join your quest and how best to use them. There are 5 NPCs in the game that I know of: Ian, Tandi, Tycho, Dogmeat, and Katja. At certain points in the game certain people will join you in combat but they do not stick with you for the long haul so they are not listed here.

Ian- Ian can be found at the guard building in Shady Sands. If you ask him to help you out a bit he will offer to join you for 100 caps. If you have the option say "How about a piece of the action instead." He will usually join you if you say that. If you don't have that option or he refuses pay him the 100 caps. Ian wears a leather jacket throughout the game and can use knives, pistols, and the SMG. He is probably the best of the NPCs because he can shoot twice in a turn. The best weapon to give him is the .223 FMJ Pistol if you get it and are not using it yourself or the 14mm Pistol.

Tandi- Tandi is probably the least helpful NPC and i would recommend not taking her along. She will just get in the way and get killed. You can get her to join you if you rescue her from the Kahns and then wait about a week before returning to Shady Sands. She is only able to use the knife and doesn't wear any armor. About all she is good for is absorbing shotgun shells.

Tycho- Tycho can be found in the bar at Junktown. He is a very good guy to have around. You can get him to join you after a skul in the bar hits the waitress and Neal blows his head off. You ask him if he wants to help you clean up this town and he will join your party. He wears leather armor and can use a spear, shotguns, the hunting rifle, the sniper rifle, and some of the smaller pistols. He has quite a few hit points which makes him great for absorbing damage. The best weapon for him is the Combat Shotgun. However, he sometimes gets a bit trigger-happy with it and will use the burst mode at a very bad moment so you should try to stay out of his way or you might find yourself with a hole in your back.

Dogmeat- Dogmeat is one of the coolest NPCs in the game. He is quite a brutal brawler for being a dog. You can find him growling at some guy on the screen with Gizmo's Casino. To get him to join you you will need to feed the hungry pooch. The most availiable item to feed him is an iguana on a stick which you can get off Gizmo after you kill him with Killian. Dogmeat can move an amazingly long distance and attack many times in one turn. Against armored foes he is not much good but against raiders and the like he can really pile on the damage.

Katja- Katja is the weirdest looking of the NPCs with her green hair. She can be found at the Followers of the Apocalypse Library in The Boneyard. When talking to her say something like, "I'm not going to stay around this place much longer myself," and she will offer to tag along. She does not have very many hit points but she makes up for it with her speed. She wears a leather jacket and can use throwing knives or the SMG. Although she is better with the knives I suggest giving her the SMG just because the knives do so little damage.

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Quest Help Section
    This section is devoted to how to solve the various mini-quests in Fallout. Note that some quests cannot be accomplished if you complete others. Also their are a few quests that I am not sure how to complete. One is how to find the Children spy at the Followers of the Apocalypse and the other is to do some sort of quest for a circle of thieves in the Hub, which i can't find. However below are the solutions to all of the quests that I know about. If you know of one that I do not have listed or have a different solution please e-mail me.

Vault 13 Quests

Shady Sands Quests Junktown Quests  The Hub Quests Necropolis Quests Brotherhood of Steel Quests
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Weapons Section
    This section is devoted to the various weapons you can find in Fallout. It is divided into categories by which weapon skill each weapon uses.
Small Guns
Weapon Name Ammo Capacity Weapon Damage Weapon Range
10mm Pistol 12 5-12 25
Desert Eagle .44 8 10-16 25
9mm Mauser 7 5-10 22
14mm Pistol 6 12-22 24
.223 Pistol 5 20-30 30
Red Ryder BB Gun 100 1-3 22
Hunting Rifle 10 8-20 40
Assault Rifle(Burst) 24 8-16 45
10mm SMG(Burst) 30 5-12 25
Shotgun 2 12-22 14
Combat Shotgun(Burst) 12 15-25 22
Sniper Rifle 6 14-34 50
Big Guns
Weapon Name Ammo Capacity Weapon Damage Weapon Range
Minigun(Burst) 120 7-11 35
Rocket Launcher 1 35-100 40
Flamer(Burst) 5 45-90 5
Energy Weapons
Weapon Name Ammo Capacity Weapon Damage Weapon Range
Laser Pistol ? ? ?
Plasma Pistol 16 15-35 20
Laser Rifle 12 25-50 45
Plasma Rifle 10 30-65 25
Turbo Plasma Rifle 10 35-70 35
Laser Gatling(Burst) 30 20-40 40
Melee Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Damage Weapon Range
Knife 1-6 1
Combat Knife 3-10 1
Throwing Knife 3-4 1
Spear 3-10 2
Cattleprod 12-20 1
Sledgehammer 4-9 2
Super Sledge 18-36 2
Ripper 15-32 1
Club 1-6 1
Crowbar 3-10 1
Fist Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Damage
Brass Knuckle 2-5
Spiked Knuckles 4-10
Power Fist 12-24
Throwing Weapons
Weapon Name Weapon Damage
Throwing Knife 3-4
Spear 3-10
Grenade 20-35
Pulse Grenade 100-150
Plasma Grenade 40-90
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Armor Section
    This section is devoted to the capabilities of the various suits of armor you can find in your Fallout adventures.
Armor Name Armor Class Normal Laser Fire Plasma Explode
Cathedral Robes 5 0/20% 0/25% 0/10% 0/10% 0/20%
Leather Jacket 8 0/20% 0/20% 0/10% 0/10% 0/20%
Leather Armor 15 2/25% 0/20% 0/20% 0/10% 0/20%
Metal Armor 10 4/30% 6/75% 4/10% 4/10% 4/20%
Combat Armor 20 5/40% 8/60% 4/30% 4/50% 6/40%
Brotherhood Arm. 20 8/40% 8/70% 7/50% 7/60% 8/40%
Power Armor 25 12/40% 18/80% 12/60% 10/40% 20/60%
Hardened P. Armor 25 13/50% 19/90% 14/70% 13/50% 20/60%
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Links Section
    This section contains links to some of my favorite Fallout related pages on the internet.

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