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Ginny & Bill Brings
Our Frankenmuth Hosts
Thank you for an excellent Reunion. (Bravo Zulu)

Military Museum
(left)Dave Leslie,Jim Paul,Wayne Burdett and Dave Achs(right) Mark Evdemon & Janet Sura

Hospitality Room
Jim Paul setting up slide show______________Barbara & Theron Hall hanging out

Auction Night Dinner At the Bavarian Inn
Jan Achs in front (L-R) Leslie & Dave Leslie, Jim & Kathy Paul and Arlene & Wayne Burdett

Doris & Wally Hunt and Ed & Ruth Naufzinger with friends.

Duane & Debbie Wamre, Kay & Bill Jones, Charles & Jean Taylor and friend.
Bill had the distinction of being the only Deckape aboard during his tour that could read his own mail.

Let the games begin. The Auctions are always a fun time.Jim Paul is the Auctioneer with Wayne Burdett and Dave Leslie as helpers.
The young man on the left was a really great help also. I`m sorry that I didn`t get his name.

(L)Dave Leslie grabbing another item to auction off and (R) with his wife Leslie

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