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Here because you like Drum and Bass MP3s from the UK?


If it's the ONLY thing that you do from here - Please be sure to click and visit - WWW.WRISK.CO.UK

Why? - Because he's my friend who produces some great Drum Bass music - and I want him to be shocked at the sudden surge in traffic to his Drum 'n' Base site.


SSSSSHHHHH - if you do go - whatever you do, don't tell him about this page. Keep it quiet! See how long it takes him to wonder what's going on!


Perhaps you can also help me out if you are feeling charitable and up for a laugh - send my website address to all your friends. That'll freak him out if they then do the same.


'Right click' on his link above and open in a new window. That way, you can copy my URL above, easily without losing me - and send it on! Tip - if you send mine on, instead of his - then your mates know what the story is.


If you own a website - perhaps even link to this website to keep the momentum going!

He does not even know I've done this to drive traffic his way.

I live in Australia now - he's still in London writing his Drumnbase tracks.

Imagine his surprise if he got loads of visits? Help me out here! Visit his site and then tell your mates to do the same :-)


Oh - a couple of his Drum Bass tracks are actually pretty damn good. You can hear them in MP3 format. I think he might have a White Label? I'm not a massive Drum Base fan - but, I'm sure you are if you've found this website!.

Thanks for doing this.

If on the off chance that you DO put a drum'n'base link on your website, from yours to mine - please drop me a mail at -

- I would gladly put a link on this site back to yours in return if you let me know where you've put it.

Love you.


Remember - 'Right Click' on WWW.WRISK.CO.UK and open in a new window.
















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