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Boxing Autographs through the Mail by Dan

Boxing Addresses

Remember, addresses do change. I can't promise that the addresses I give you will always be correct. It is a matter of trial and error. You can consult Dave Dylis who publishes a comprehensive list of addresses and tries hard to keep it up to date(see links) Or you can use Who/Where to find Boxers that have listed Phone numbers. There are also books in libraries which contain addresses. Two which come to mind that can be found in the 900 Section of Referene are " The VIP Addresses Book" and " The Star Guide"

Of course there are several things to keep in mind when sending for autographs through the mail. First is to make sure you send a self-addressesed STAMPED envelope. Do not expect the boxer to pay the postage for you. Second is to do some research on this particular boxer. If he was a good fighter but never became more then a contender (like Gerry Cooney) you do not want to start your letter off, " Dear Champ" Third  Don't send anything valuable through the mail. Things do get lost in the mail, somtimes a boxer moves and the item does not get forwarded to him, or returned to you. Fourth It is wise to include a piece of stiff cardboard or bubblewrap to keep your item from getting folded or bent. You can try putting " DO NOT BEND" on the envelope but believe me, this makes very little difference. Fifth Keep good records of everything you send out, including what you sent, to whom, when you sent it and when and if it is returned to you.

Just a special hint. I look on the back of boxing cards and check in Boxing Magazines and Websites to find out Boxers' Birthdays. I then send a Birthday Card with my autograph request.

To send an autograph request to another Country you must follow certain procedures. You cannot send U.S. postage for the return item and you should not send cash. Go to a Post Office(better call ahead) and ask for an International Reply Coupon It costs $l.05 and you include it with your autograph request envelope. Tell the boxer to take the International Reply Coupon to his Post Office and they will trade it for the first class postage of his country. Remember when you mail the autograph request to tell your Post Office it is for a foreign country. The average cost to send a letter to another country is $ .60 to $ 1.20. Remember Canada is a foreign country, but Puerto Rico is not! . I have given you plenty of variety, I have addresses of foreign boxers, old boxes, new champions, and even two former boxers who are incarcerated, and hppen to be brothers. Thanks for all of your support, and keep your e-mails and suggestions coming. As far as te foreignn boxers- remember to send an International Reply Coupon and take your letter to the counter in the Post Office. You can NOT mail it with first class U.S. postage. I just thought I would pass on another trick I recently learned. (YES EVEN US Old dogs can learn new tricks. Now right in the context of the leter I send to the boxer I ask questions and I leave room for their answers. This way they don't have to write a seperate letter to send to me. Check out my new page Favorte Autograph stories.

Page updated Jan. 1, 2000 next update-April 1, 2000

**Unfortunately, Dan is critically ill and will not be making any more updates to this website... Thank you very much for your interest... his wife, Marsha**

**Dan passed away on June 29, 2002 at the age of 52.... He is finally at peace after a very lengthy illness.... Please read Dan's personal page and you will understand more.... Thank you for your thoughts and prayers..... Dan's wife Marsha**

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